• It is too much to juggle.

    Students receive a lot of homework. When they get home from school, it is hard to juggle the homework with other activities. There needs to be time to eat dinner and they often like to talk on the phone or the computer about their day. Granted, this can be done on the weekend but that would also be cutting into their social lives. They do not have time to socialize with friends throughout the school day due to their coursework.

  • Too Early.

    A lot of teenagers have trouble sleeping at night and do not go to bed until very late. They come to school at such an early hour and an barely function. They do not absorb anything when they are that tired. Even just a little extra time to sleep would be helpful to them.

  • Yes Schools Should Start Later

    Schools should start later in the morning. Most school start very early, around 6 or 7 AM, this cause many students wake up at as early as 4 AM. This causes the students to be very sleepy in school and falling asleep in class. If they wake up later, there is no time and they miss breakfast. In the winter, when they leave to go to school, it is still dark. I should know, as a student myself, I have to wake up very early every day.
    According the National Sleep Foundation, “Research in the 1990s found that later sleep and wake patterns among adolescents are biologically determined; the natural tendency for teenagers is to stay up late at night and wake up later in the morning. This research indicates that school bells that ring as early as 7:00 a.M. In many parts of the country stand in stark contrast with adolescents' sleep patterns and needs.” Thus means the schools are opening too early for teenagers to get a good rest. National Sleep Foundation also states “On April 2 of 1999, Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) introduced a congressional resolution to encourage schools and school districts to reconsider early morning start times to be more in sync with teens' biological makeup. House Congressional Resolution 135 or the "ZZZ's to A’s" Act would encourage individual schools and school districts all over the country to move school start times to no earlier than 8:30 a.M.” They also did a poll that shows that most of the respondents agree with Lofgren.
    Many teens also find it hard to get up that early in the morning. Take a poll from ATS (American Thoracic Society) for example.

    The survey found that:
    • 78% of students said it was difficult to get up in the morning
    • Only 16% said they regularly had enough sleep
    • 70% thought their grades would improve if they had more sleep
    • 90% thought their academic performance would improve if school were to start later

    People might complain that if school start later, it will have to end later meaning practice and other after school actives will end very late in the evening. But it will just take the school to open one maybe one and a half hours later so it won’t set the time back too much.
    According to the National Sleep Foundation, “Students are concerned that being in school later in the day means that it will cut into after-school jobs and other extracurricular activities. Still, there are convincing reasons to push back school start times. Mary Carskadon, PhD, a renowned expert on adolescent sleep, cites several advantages for teens to get the sleep they need:
    • Less likelihood of experiencing depressed moods;
    • Reduced likelihood for tardiness;
    • Reduced absenteeism;
    • Better grades;
    • Reduced risk of fall asleep car crashes;
    • Reduced risk of metabolic and nutritional deficits associated with insufficient sleep, including obesity.”

  • Do you know how much work teachers give?

    Essays upon essays, math problems, projects, studying for tests! And on top of that, trying to balance a healthy social life, playing sports, and working after school. This is way too difficult for teens, especially when most of them can barely get 6-7 hours of sleep a night. Don't give me the "teenagers are just lazy" excuse. We try our hardest, we really do. But it's kind of hard to pay attention in class and do all of this homework while our eyes are literally closing by themselves. If we got a little bit more time in the mornings to get just a little more sleep, maybe we could actually focus on our school work and not complain about how tired we are.

  • Yes, yes, yes!!!!!

    I can't believe principles and administrators expect us to come support our school in football and basketball games that don't end until like 10:00 or 11:00 pm, and then they expect us to get up before 7:00 am the next morning!!! This same argument would be made by every single high school athlete, too.

  • They can fall asleep in class if woken too early

    Teenagers need at least eight and a half or nine and a quarter hours of sleep each night. Teenagers go to bed later in the night which results in the teenagers waking up later in the morning. We all have been teenagers and know what its like to wake up so early and we are tired unless you go to sleep early.

  • Way Too Early

    The point of High school is to prepare students for the real world. College allows you to pick your hours for your classes. So why cant high school students choose their hours? We are trying to prepare them for the future to help them have a bright future, but with a lack of sleep its hard for students to focus on their acadimics.

  • I think that high school should start later

    It is a known fact that a high school student's brain doesn't fully wake up until approximately eight o'clock, while an elementary school student's brain is more awake in the morning. A child is more hyperactive in the morning due to their youth. High school students are up late because of the massive load of homework teachers give them over the week and don't get much sleep. Due to the lack of sleep, it effects the ability for students to learn and stay focused on the task at hand. Lack of sleep could also effect the attitude towards teachers, causing the student to irritable and disrespectful. Sleep deprivation also contributes to a bit of alcohol, drug use, and illness; causing them to miss classes because of illness or suspension. Sleep is as important to a student as education.

  • Most definitely yes.

    I am a Junior in high school. I volunteer for our local gymnastics team, compete in Track and Cross Country, work at a carwash, and attend the Boys and Girls Club. I have an insane schedule every day, but I somehow manage to juggle everything around and get it all done. For sports, I have to get up at 4:30 and run the two miles to my school and then workout. If I had the opportunity to get up at 6 and do the same thing, I would be thrilled. I am sure I could find time for volunteering and attending clubs after school. I would still have a good three hour chunk of time if I got out at 4. Also, most teens I know, including myself, have PART TIME jobs. I work mostly weekends. So If school started later I could still do everything I wanted, go to school, and get paid for washing cars.

  • It's Common Sense

    High schools should start later. High School students are the ones that need the most sleep because their bodies are making the most significant changes. 9 1/4 hours of sleep is the amount that every high school student needs to perform at their full potential. A hormonal change at the start of high school years causes it to be very difficult for students to fall asleep before 11 pm. If students are falling asleep at 11, they should wake up around 8:15. With early start times, this would be oversleeping. With later start times, they will be able to make it to school on time even though they are waking up at 8:15. A lack of sleep leads to depression, obesity, heart disease, low blood pressure, and makes students more prone to sickness. Not prepared for the future? Do you think diseases that lead to a shorter life span is an appropriate alternative? Guys, this is simply common sense. You have to be seriously ignorant to believe that high school start times should stay as they are.

  • I strongly disagree

    Kids should be responsible for going to bed early enough to get up at seven o' clock to go to school and not be tired and late. Also, since school starts later it would also lasts longer so if it started at eleven then it would end at five or six and kids would have less time to do homework , jobs, sports, and other activities. College and jobs start at eight and if you go through life starting school at eleven then you will instinctively be late for college and jobs that start early.

  • Starting earlier is better.

    Starting schools later will also have problems. Some students just don't want to show up, so just let them not. Schools are responsible to their students to an extent. I feel that waking up at 6:30 and being at school by 7:30 is fine. If I can do it, then anyone can.

  • I don't think it would be the best choice

    My reasons are that the kids that participate in sports or any after school activity will not have enough time at the end of school. If we make it later then we have to cut those times which gives them less time doing the sports and activities they love. Also, before they go to sports or during sports, the kids do their homework and they usually rush their homework hurrying and writing down random answers that give them bad grades. But if you make schools earlier or just keep it the same they won't have this problem.

  • If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It

    School should not start later! Just because teens are to lazy to get up at 7. EVERYONE is tired in the morning! If you went to bed earlier then maybe you wouldn't be as tired. Some teens have jobs to work after school or, extracurricular activities. My school has a very high standard that we must meet and we also have one of the earliest start times in our area. Our school board has not even thought of changing our schedule because, as I said earlier, If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix it!

  • No time left

    If school started later, then it would also end later. If school started at about 11 am, then it would end at 6pm. Students at high school need time for social and personal things. They might also need time for part time jobs or volunteer work. If started late then students would not have time to anything else but homework.

  • It would prepare children for the future.

    If schools started later, teenagers would get into the habit of waking up later. When they get a job after high school they would not be accustomed to waking up early, whereas if school started earlier, they would be accustomed to waking up early. I go to school and although I like sleeping, it would be a lot easier if school started earlier because then there would be more time in the afternoons to go out with my friends.

  • No later start times

    No, I don't think that high schools should change their hours and start later. Most schools around here start at 7:45AM and end about 2:30PM. This gives the kids enough time to do some part time work after school or participate in extra curricular activities such as sports or band practice.

  • Definitely Not

    No, high schools should not start later. High schools could start at noon and there would still be kids who could not make it on time. Everyone knows most teenagers prefer to stay up all night and sleep all day. Adjusting the schools starting time to accommodate them is not a good idea. Teens need to understand it is their responsibility to get up and get to school on time. When they go out into the work world, their employer is not going to give them the option of starting later because they cannot make it in on time.

  • Logic; sense; reasoning

    If we are truly preparing students for the future and want them to succeed then starting late is bad. An employer or college professor does not care if your tired, you need to be there. We all did it and survived and this pandering is only teaching students this is how the world works and its not. Also, all the kids I have talked to said it gives them more time to do what they want at night. Meaning they are going to stay awake and extra hour.

  • Preparation for the Future

    Colleges and jobs start around the same time everyday which is around 8 o'clock. If schools change the the starting time to 9 or 9:30 this isn't getting students ready for the real world situations in life. Students have to learn how to manage their time, and work around the schedules they are given.

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