Should High Schools start school at a time later in the day? (like 7:00 or 8:00)

Asked by: King_Sora14
  • Why fight ourselves?

    Studies have shown that the agent causing us to feel tired and lethargic doesn't set in until 10:00 PM; that explains the restlessness we feel when we try to go to sleep early. Furthermore, we don't stop feeling tired until about 9 AM - 12 PM, where the agent wears off. Why are we fighting our bodies? Why are we doing harm to ourselves just so we can get more work done? And, if we're working when we're still tired, then what good is it working; it'll be the equivalent of not working at all! Thus, we need proper and good sleep so we can wake up feeling refreshed.

  • Later start times result in greater results.

    Well, quite frankly, I already despise the public education of America. However, this topic has already undergone extensive research biologically, psychologically, and economically.

    (http://www.Nbcnews.Com/health/kids-health/let-them-sleep-docs-want-later-school-times-teens-n186976) The biological effects seen in adolescent sleep deprivation (caused by early start times) increase chances of depression, anxiety, obesity, and heart disease.

    Now, I know what people are thinking: Well if they want more sleep, then they should just go to bed earlier. Wrong. Teenagers adopt an irregular circadian rhythm during their youth, delaying their sleep schedules by approximately three hours. This means, teenage students typically -cannot- physically fall asleep any earlier than 11AM (and this can be as late as 1AM typically). (https://sleepfoundation.Org/sleep-topics/teens-and-sleep)

    For best results, implement a Finish-based schooling system. School hours start later, school finishes earlier in the day, students and teachers are allowed long breaks throughout the day (including snack times), and teacher requirements are strict. But you know what? Turn out, they have some of the greatest academic achievement in the world. (http://fillingmymap.Com/2015/04/15/11-ways-finlands-education-system-shows-us-that-less-is-more/)

  • Better scores in classes.

    We teenagers are still developing knowledge. Starting school at like 7:00 is ridiculous. Due to our bodies turning us into young adults, we need to sleep so we can face the next day with energy. The more sleep, the more energy and the more focus we will be in our classes.

  • Less alone time

    I understand that it's tempting start school at like 8:30. Fact, California is considering a bill for that. But as a high school student, going to school later actually won't help.

    If we went to school like at 9 (and I do on Fridays), kids are still very tired. Most don't go to bed until AT LEAST midnight, and most procrastinate on their homework. And this is just one problem.

    My normal school time is 7:30 to 2:20. On Fridays, it's 9 to 2:20. If the time were changed to 9 everyday, the time school ends would also have to be later. This leaves less time for homework, and after school activities, such as clubs and band, can feel like he'll if you get out of school late. (Not to mention activities outside of school.) This leaves out time for family, which brings me to my next problem.

    Many parents go to work early, so they can't drop them off to school. And when the parents come pick them up, they'll find out they have a bunch of homework and its almost dinner. Every argument for yes is the "tired" excuse, but it won't work. In fact, kids probably will be more tired as they go to bed later as they have a late day tomorrow. I get it l, this is very tempting to do l, but it just won't work. KIDS NEED TO BE PREPARED FOR THE HOURS OF A CARRER. KIDS Wil just remain lazy throughout life. Period.

    This is Superchamp and I will be commenting on a lot of issues. (Common Sense).

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