• I Think It Should

    I believe high-speed Internet access should be given freely to all citizens at taxpayers' expense. I think we can all agree that it's incredible difficult to function in our society without Internet access. Our employers expect us to have it, the businesses we utilize expect us to have it, and our school systems expect us to have it. The citizens of the US will pay for the service one way or the other, we my as well insure it's availability to everyone.

  • Take Back The Power

    The internet is being stolen by corporate interests, as the monopolies grow on connective services there is more and more limit to what the American people can do. Like with railroads, the government needs to step in and break up the big businesses that try and take advantage of the American worker.

  • High-speed internet is crucial to modern life

    Because the internet is a relatively recent addition to our society, we may still think it's a luxury. However, the internet is now an integral part of our economy and a necessity on many fronts. As such, the government should recognize that it would be in the public interest to make high-speed internet available to all, at taxpayer expense.

  • No, unlike another question.

    I voted yes to the question "Should every American have free access to the internet?" because free internet is already available at libraries (without even buying hardware) and at many other locations if you have a device. High speed internet is not a "need" however. For the few things people THINK they "need" the internet for, 14K phone line is fast enough (unless web pages become too complex and therefore POORLY BUILT.)

  • No, it is not free.

    This should not be paid with taxes. There are better things to be paid for by taxes, and this is not one of them. High speed internet is still a luxury in this world and should always stay that way, but for the most part will become available soon to all.

  • No, I don't think high-speed internet access should freely be given to all citizens at taxpayers expense.

    While access to the Internet is crucial in today's day and age I don't think it should freely be given out to everybody, people can still generally visit their local library and get Internet access for free anyways with a library membership, I feel eventually Internet access will become cheap enough that everyone can easily be able to afford it.

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