Should higher education be funded by a tax on graduates?

  • No, because graduates have enough trouble paying off student loans, from which the interest acts as a tax already.

    All we need is another factor to discourage pursuing higher education. This country already lags other developed nations in terms of student performance, and we need an educated populace to fill skilled jobs and make better decisions. The job market is discouraging enough to graduates, and student loan interest already serves as a kind of tax on higher education.

    Posted by: Th4Fire
  • Students of higher education are already funding higher ed. through tuition.

    A tax directed at graduates to pay for higher education facilities would be similar to a tax targeting smokers or people who consume gas. Yes, the services were used by the graduate, as in the other cases, but the benefit is not just to the graduate. Taxing an item that they have already paid for through tuition would discourage people from seeking higher education, thus reducing the number of doctors, teachers, accountants, etc.

    Posted by: Ment0n3
  • Higher education should be funded by a tax on graduates.

    I do believe that higher education should be funded by a tax on graduates. There should be many different ways to help fund education. I also believe the tax should only be placed on the people getting the education. I don't think that america should have to pay for it.

    Posted by: barbiegirll
  • Taxation of graduates should be used for funding higher education.

    Many people need help paying for higher education, and taxation of graduates would help the government offer more financial aid. There are many people in the US who simply can't afford higher education because there parents aren't financially well-off. These people should not be limited to a high school education. Everyone should have the chance to obtain a higher education.

    Posted by: Lex58
  • Higher education is the responsibility of our entire nation, not just college graduates.

    College graduates should not have to foot the bill for others to go to college; we as a country should all strive to make our public and private colleges the best they can be. We owe it to our children to make sure a college education is available to them. Each taxpayer in this country should be willing to do anything it takes to assure that college is available to all our children.

    Posted by: ClosedUlysses75
  • One of the problems with this country is the cost of higher education, which should be shared by all citizens and the government alike.

    America is falling behind the rest of the world when it comes to higher education. The main reason for this is that it costs too much to become educated. In order for this country to rise to higher ranks, we should all absorb the costs of education to make it more affordable and accessible to all citizens. Taxing graduates alone is counterproductive.

    Posted by: J Lamb 43
  • Funding higher education on the backs of recent graduates would only work to discourage participation in our college and university systems.

    Taxing college graduates in order to fund our college and university systems would have crippling effects on our economy, as a whole. If a graduate was left looking at a hefty tax bill the second they receive their degree, we would see fewer and fewer striving for these degrees and, when humans stop striving, it marks the end of the human spirit as we know it.

    Posted by: C0n5tGet
  • It is ludicrous, with the already far too high cost of education, to impose a blanket tax on graduates.

    Higher education is already extremely costly. It is ridiculous to impose a blanket tax on graduates, in general, without taking into consideration their income, employment status and other life circumstances. It would make much more sense to fund higher education in the same manner as public schools, and to make it so that there are universities that anyone may attend, free of charge. Of course, private schools would still exist. But, they wouldn't be the vast majority of schools and public universities would incur no fee, aside from the cost of course materials, which would be plainly spelled out ahead of time. If this system were in place, everyone would have a chance to acquire a higher education. The lack of ability to afford that same education has been creating and widening an alarming gap in the number of fair employment opportunities available to people born into different economic brackets for a very long time.

    Posted by: PleasantCleveland49
  • Higher education should not be funded by a tax on graduates because it would discourage people from attending schools due to this unfair taxation.

    Graduates should not be taxed to pay for higher education. In a time where we should be encouraging people to further their education I feel that would be a deterrent. Higher education should be paid for by those who want to attend colleges and universities. It is unfair to put the financial burden on graduates when they are just getting out and starting jobs that are usually lower paying.

    Posted by: SilentIgnacio
  • Taxing graduates only complicates problems for someone who wants to obtain a higher education.

    Many students who go to college to obtain a higher education take out student loans to help them pay for their college education. These students have loans to repay after they graduate and are situated in jobs. If you make these people pay taxes in addition to their having to repay their loans, you soon get a generation of students who will not pursue a higher education because they will be excessively taxed for all their efforts to attain this education.

    Posted by: ep0xihusky
  • I do not believe higher education should be funded by a tax specifically on graduates, as there is no reason to provide a disincentive to getting a higher education degree.

    I believe enacting a tax specifically on graduates of higher education to fund higher education is the wrong thing to do. While I believe higher education should be funded by tax money, there is no reason to place a specific tax on higher education graduates. This would actually provide a disincentive against getting a degree, and I think people should be encouraged to educate themselves. In terms of revenue, people with degrees are likely to earn more, and thus pay more regular taxes, so this is another point against the graduate-specific tax.

    Posted by: tacomoon
  • The number one fault of higher education is already its high cost.

    It is my opinion that college and graduate school should be offered for free or at least at minimal costs. Too many citizens, who are intelligent, are stopped in their learning when they realize they, or their families, can't afford to send them to college. This, in turn, insures that the gap between social classes remains intact. But, for a nation to be truly successful, it must not limit one's ability to continue learning. If every child knew that he or she would have the opportunity to go to college for free, it might just increase his or her motivation to learn prior to college.

    Posted by: BrianDj
  • I oppose the idea of taxing graduates in order to fund higher education. Higher education should be funded by the government, in part, and graduates being forced to pay for this is excessive.

    Graduates must pay for their own schooling and then face a tough economy with fewer jobs and less turnover in professional positions than we have seen in the past. Why should we add to that burden by further forcing them to pay education taxes so others can attend school?
    If the government spent just a small portion of the money it spends yearly on warfare, education costs would go down, more people could attend school on government grants and aid, and there would be less conflict about who gets what type of school aid because there would be more of it to go around.
    Taxing graduates for this purpose is in my opinion only going to deter future generations from pursuing higher education because they will know this tax is coming. This will in the end just further perpetuate the problem.

    Posted by: HayChi
  • Higher education should not be funded by taxing the graduates because they are in enough debt already!

    The funding of higher education should not be funded based on taxes to the graduates. Most students go into debt to attend and finish school. Taxing them would just decrease the number of students that want to finish college. Once they have their debts paid off, it might be a good idea to tax a small amount - or ask that they give a donation to their alma mater. I think it would be detrimental to the higher education system to tax the students.

    Posted by: BGraham

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