• It's a right, not a privilege.

    In the US, higher education is seen as a privilege and not a right, but not everyone has that privilege and with the way higher education costs now, less and less people will be able to go. Sure there's aid, but it's not enough to cover the rising costs without putting students into an insane amount of debt. There's only a limited amount of money one can take out without having that extra stress in their lives, and not everyone can get their parents to pay or help take out loans. For example, my parents couldn't cosign for me to take out student loans for college because their credit was so terrible (they lost their house a few years ago). I was then told by the financial aid office "you don't have to go to college if you can't afford it". Now a year has passed since then and I'm planning to drop out because the costs have risen even more and I'm getting less aid. Eventually this has to stop, because clearly the way things are going now don't work and they haven't for a long time now.

  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Knowledge should not come with a price tag. I actually wish it was how it was back in the days when people were taught their professions by other people while on the job, or accepted into schools based on high marks. Winning a scholarship should be attainable to all people who do well academically.

  • Absolutely!

    Everyone should have access to college educational opportunities. Just because you can't pay for it doesn't mean you shouldn't go. If higher education were free, maybe some people would be a bit brighter. And in my very personal opinion, if you haven't gone to college, then you should have no vote in whether college is free or not...

  • Higher Education should be free!

    some people cant afford it and if they really are showing intrest in getting a higher education they should be able not having to worry about the cost.

  • Yes

    Education is the most important thing you can have. You can go anywhere with an education. We as humans need currency to get around and basically live, you wont have that if you dont have a job. A (good) job is acquired through an education. If you cannot afford an education, then you're considered a failure?

  • Higher Education should be free

    People have more opportunities for job and employment if they are educated meaning they have access to material conditions which they need for better life such as health care and some necessary services which give protection and safety. In addition, if someone from a poor background got educated, he or she can escape from the poverty cycle and generation gets improved with the help of jobs and being employed as a result of higher education. Higher education means good jobs and employment. If more people are highly educated, people will be more considerate, responsible, independent,and reliable for some reasons. All people should be given the rights to free education to get rid of poverty and inhumanity. It doesn't mean people who aren't educated are inhumane. Of course, there are some people out there who are way more intelligent and ethical then people who are educated.

  • Yes, Yes, and Yes.

    As more people get degrees, jobs that required a High School diploma are now demanding Associates and Bachelor degrees. The lower your degree the more years of experience are demanded from you by the firm you are applying to. As a result, a college degree is becoming a necessity for High School graduates in order to find a job that pays a living wage.

    The government should fund the universities and colleges directly rather than give out loans to students so that the students will not be overburdened by debt and be forced to move back with their parents. People are more reluctant than ever to start a family because they feel they cannot handle the expenses of a child while the married couple have yet to pay Uncle Sam his money. People will be less likely to spend money, which is bad for the economy and businesses; especially when people are underemployed because of the current economic climate.

    If the government wants to truly stimulate the economy, they will forgive student loan debt so that people can get that piece of paper that qualifies them for a job, start their lives, and get the money flowing out of the pockets and into the economy.

    From a quality standpoint, making higher education a taxpayer funded entity will not diminish it's quality. What will diminish it's quality, however, are the individual professors that care more about their own projects and research than teaching students; which is what is happening today. The schools can remain prestigious by accepting those who meet their standards, prestige should not be based on how much money you spend for your degree.

    Making higher education free is a fiscally and socially responsible decision that will ensure everyone has a chance to earn a degree without having to jump through hoops in order to get enough money to attend a college/university. This country could enjoy a well-informed and educated population that contributes a great deal to our nation. As it stands today we as a country are one of the least educated among first world nations, and I firmly believe that this is because higher education is out of reach for so many. This needs to change.

  • This is a no-brainer.

    All we are hearing, is news of tuition rates increasing. This is not setting a very good example of the incentives for attending college. People need to be motivated, and feel inspired. College, is much more than memorizing key terms, for a quiz, suffering from sleep deprivation, and stressing over getting a 'REQUIRED' course cancelled at the last moment.

    The focus, needs to be on the student's. Give student's the opportunity, and drive to discover the true joy of learning, without imposing all of the monetary constraints that have become so commonplace.

  • Education should be about inspiring ones mind , not just filling their head.

    Education should be provided to every individual at no cost. Education should be out there to inspire peoples mind and not just filling their head with others perspective. Every individual has the right to learn and be educated, and have the opportunity to view this world in a different perspective and do something on their own. But the cost of education is so unaffordable to some mankinds that it is just ferocious for them to even consider paying those education bills off.

  • University is an easy way to change the economy

    With a higher education status it is easier to find higher level jobs and is best for most people. If everyone was able to have access to university it would be easier for poorer people to change their living situation. Also people who are smarter and cannot afford to go will then be able to go possibly help our country move forward in evolution.

  • No. as soon as it is free, the value of it will go down.

    Money is needed to fund education, research, and advancements. Tuition is necessary, and as soon as you hand out education for free, the overall value of that education will go out the window.

  • Then what's the point?

    I agree that the tuition should be greatly reduced, but not totally free. Some college kids think that college is the time to party and not worry about their education. That's one factor in the number of drop-outs.

  • No, because many vocations do not need or require higher education.

    The cost of providing higher education would outweigh the benefits to society. Many vocational jobs require apprenticeships and in-house training, rather than a college degree. So, a college education would not be necessary for many. Furthermore, this would likely further exacerbate the unemployment issue, as there would simply be more qualified candidates vying for the same career opportunities.

    Posted by: MarkBuII
  • Not entirely

    There should be special student loans for those who have less money, but not free. If they could find a way to do this without raising taxes and increasing spending, I'd be fine. To be quite honest, that won't happen.

  • Its not possible

    Nothing is free people your still going to have to pay for higher education one way or another. Making higher education free would only make quality of the schools worse. Second higher education is not a necessity in fact if you don't go to college and you trade those years for pure job experience instead you will probably be on a equal or better standing than someone who went to college and has no experience. Lastly there are much better ways to lower cost of education, let schools compete and get government out of the way

  • Absolutely not ... (Global Village)

    Generally I would say that it’s a good thing, to offer education to all for free. But if you take a special view on this, you will notice, that the government cannot offer free education just like that. The government would have to make more money, so they would increase the taxes. So it’s another way of redistribution.
    And if you think, that everyone would have better chances for a job now, then you are wrong. Because there are also other skills asked for some jobs which you can’t learn at the university, for example practice experience. So it’s a bad thing, to offer free education to everyone.

  • It could fail in the USA.

    Look what people are doing with their rights, which are mostly free. Even if you got it free, that would just start different way of not letting in some people into the best schools. More tests, more everything. Making it free would make it good for some professors as the demand could go up, but then it would be just like a high school program.

  • If it's free, will we value it more or less?

    If we made education free I feel that the value for education would plummet in a downward spiral, along with the value for education. The reason why we value our high education so much is because we know we're putting a lot on the line for the education we seek. The loans we have taken out for this education is what reminds us why we're pursing out this dream. If it was free we wouldn't have as much drive and not to mention many would abuse this education policy. If we made education free how would the professors who teach us get paid? Or the faculty who serves the school? There are many issues with making education free. But if they could lower tuition and give colleges more funding to help support students with their educational needs that would be the proper solution to this issue.

  • Higher education is not water in the ocean, but water in a bottle .

    You can take or drink water in the sea as much as you want because it is not made in USA, or Indonesia. No country or no one put the water there On the other hand, water in a bottle (mineral water) is produced by someone or enterprise with a lot of investment. How can the two same different things likened ? Higher education is the mineral water that is produced by professors with high investment. It should not be free. Another reason is at free higher education leads to poor quality because it will be supplied or served by low paid (unmotivated) human resources. BRAVO GATS

  • More qualified college grads competing for jobs will reduce pay for all.

    There are already tons of graduating college students out there competing for the same few jobs. The more desperate they become, the more likely they will be to accept those "good" jobs at lower pay. Also I think it says a lot about a person who worked really hard to come up with the money to put themselves though school. In the U.S., I know from personal experience that anyone can do it if they put the time in and work hard enough. I earned the majority of my tuition working two jobs near minimum wage, I borrowed the rest and I am paying it off with the job the college degree helped win me. If it becomes free employers will expect it from everyone as a basic requirement, and having a college degree won't mean much more than having a high school diploma. This country cannot afford to be offering any more handouts, though I do favor this handout over funding some other country's war.

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