Should higher qualifications be necessary for teachers?

Asked by: thewritereader
  • To make me more confident in them

    The only reason I feel that teachers must have some sort of higher qualification is so I am confident that I know that they know what they are talking about and what they are teaching. For example, my Year 9 Extension Maths teacher held her Masters Degree in Mathematics. To me personally, that made me more confident in knowing that she knew what she was teaching…even though she was a rubbish teacher…HOWEVER. I feel this may not be as important for those teaching primary or elementary students.

  • What's with the picture?

    What does that dumba-- picture have anything to do with the subject of this question at hand? Lmao. Anyways, yes we need better teachers than the ones we have now, dumbing down the education that we have and dumbing down our kids (though I believe the subject of that picture is a cause)

  • Better Qualifications Doesn't Mean Better Teachers

    Qualifications are relied upon very heavily, while they do not lead to better employees. I would select the kid who has not passed through college and spent his days learning over the one who wasted his days schooling. This will only lead to more teachers that fit the existing criteria of reliable doldrums. What needs to be done instead is to give the schools more power to fire the existing incompetent teachers and hire new ones. Talent trumps tenure, any day of the week.

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