• Too much junk.

    It doesn't really matter if its taxed 1% more the fact is people need to eat healthier and some cant on there own. The law should be in order until at least 75% of Americans are HEALTHIER. But if they really want to help they could go to factories and like help them make the crap they put in our food healthier. Honestly I can debate on both sides because they cant choose what we eat but half of America is obese and that is way to much and that's a fact Jack.

  • Something that should be done a long time ago

    Apparently, there is a significant growth of the rate of obesity and something has to be done. Even though putting tax on junk food may cause the rising price, the tremendous consequences comes with obesity is way more severe than spending a few more bucks on buying food. Even more, the meaning of putting tax on junk foods is to reduce the frequency of ones consuming it, therefore it is nothing wrong if individuals becoming unwilling to pay for the extra bit of the price, since that's what authorities are trying to achieve by putting tax on it. Meanwhile, having a healthy diet may be relatively costly when comparing to having junk food frequently, but without a doubt individuals have to pay more for the medical fee to deal with obesity and the illness that comes with it. Having a tax on junk food does not means the majority will no longer being able to afford it. It is only a little change that may bring a better health conditions to the citizens. Therefore, I consider tax for junk food should be establish as soon as possible.

  • People want government healthcare to save their lives ...Yet they have a problem with government trying to prevent you from getting sick to begin with?

    I completely support the idea of Americans having a freedom of choice. This includes having the option to choose what one wants to eat and not having the government interfere with your personal decisions. If people make poor choices and don't want to care about what they are eating, then they may have to suffer the consequences that go with that ...After all, science shows "survival of the fittest." ...OH, BUT WAIT! Many of those same people want government healthcare and the rest of the population to pay for them when they become ill, have a heart attack, and get diabetes because of their poor choices. Are you kidding me!? If you want government to intervene when your sick, then doesn't it make sense that the government may have some invested interest in intervening before your health becomes a problem?

  • Great Idea to Cut Back

    Americans are getting to be too large, largely because these foods are quick and affordable for those who don't have the money, or the workers who get the food discounted. If fast food prices were raised it would help support a higher wage for the workers as well as start to cut back on the americans who struggle with their weight. If the healthier food is cheaper they may end up trying it and hopefully like it. You never know how much this could change our country.

  • Its not good!!!

    Junk food is bad. People should get there rights to eat what they want but not everything is good for you! That's exactly why the government should higher the taxes on junk food like how the healthier food is these days . The healthier food should be lower on taxes.

  • We should have a higher tax on sugar and junk food.

    Recently, sugar has become one of the most effective food that is causing obesity, as it has good taste and it is cheap in price. It is so popular that is added into almost all the products. We as human need some sugar, but if it is too much for us, it can cause variety of problems. Some examples will be having a high blood pressure while get to old ages, which you have to eat a certain amount of food everyday, and it has been so popular in China that 70% of people in the older age group has it. There are also a lot of fatal diseases, which over taking sugar will increase the possibility of you getting them, such as cancer. Most cancers cannot be cured.
    If you would argue that a tax on sugar would not have any effect on the rich people, but the people on the poverty line will have a big effect, which a lot of them cannot even buy enough sugar everyday. I would say this kind of arguements are completely nonesense, as the issue is so complicated which the arguement fails to explore the complexity of it. Sugar is very cheap nowadays, so almost everyone can afford a lot of them. This increase in tax will stop most people from overtaking sugar, as it will give us a notice of the side effects of sugar.
    To conclude, for most countries which the obesity rates increased a lot recently, sugar tax is neccesary. Also sugar is causing more death every year than ceggrettes, so to be taking responsibility of our own health, we need sugar tax.

    Posted by: HZ
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  • Just like cigarettes

    Since junk food is known to cause health problems such as cancer, and these facts are common knowledge, taxes must be employed on these products just like taxes are incorporated into tobacco sales. Moreover WHO has identified processed meat as a cause of colon cancer, that's why meat processing companies should be treated just like tobacco companies.

  • The government knows that a lot of people eat junk food so they want to raise taxes get more money.

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  • I have no Idea!!

    I am mixed between both sides. They should have a choice, whether they get fat or not, but they will have to suffer the consequence's, like obesity, dying younger, stuff like that. If the prices were raised, then they wouldn't buy as much junk, and there-fore not get as fat!

  • Stay out of this!

    This is not your business government! We should have a right to eat what we want! Vegetables were actually more expensive. You could have gotten a burger for only one dollar at McDonald's. Now they will probably change it to the 2 dollar meal or 3 dollar meal! This isn't fair and not right! Stay out of this government

  • No i dont!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes America needs to eat more healthier but its our choice to eat what we want its not governments choice and so far they haven't made very good choices here lately any ways.I agree we need to eat healthier but government needs to stay out of our personal lifes its our besness

  • This is my right!

    The government has no right to make us pay more for junk food. The reason many people eat fast food is because it is cheaper than healthy foods. A large reason people go for cheaper foods is because of Obamacare. It takes 40% out of everyone's paycheck. This makes people need to buy cheaper food. An easier solution to help people is to make healthy foods cheaper. That way people can buy cheaper food and be healthy. The government decided to make the taxes higher on fast food because they get money from taxes, and this is the better way for them, but not for the millions of regular people in America. The government needs to fix this if they want people to be healthier.

  • Higher taxes shouldn't be placed on junk food

    I think people should get to choose what they want to eat instead of being forced to eat healthier food. People should get to eat junk food if they like or if they want to eat healthier they should get to. People should get to have junk food and healthier food in a meal if they wanted to.

  • The Government cant control us!!!

    The Government can not control what we eat! Even if they put higher taxes on junk food if people were addicted enough they would get the money. That leads to robbery. The next thing you know there will be a stupid law going against our constitution saying something like your jacket has to be blue. We can choose what we eat! Not the Government. That's a fact Jack.

  • They don't have the right

    I think they don't have the right to tell us what we want to eat. The goverment are forecing us to eat the junk food because we are losing money in taxes. We do need to eat healther but that is our chose not the goverments chose. That is what I think.

  • This is not fair

    This isn't fair to people around the united states. They cant just take away the right of what food they want them to choose. Does it really matter? I feel as if I want to punch the president of the health group in the throat. People should be allowed to choose what they want to eat or what size they want to drink. That's why I think that his isn't fair at all. Its not like the whole world is going to start eating healthy again because of some stupid law. If this spreads around the united states then it is a possibility that there is going to be some riots going on.

  • There are alternatives to consider.

    I do agree that raising taxes on junk food may lead to less obesity. It is possible.
    However, there are better alternatives for aiding in fighting the obesity epidemic. For example, why not further people's resources to gain knowledge of the obesity epidemic, so that they then have the appropriate knowledge to decide for themselves how much junk food they will eat. It would be more respectful to the general public because it would provide for less intrusion by the government.

  • Government stay out of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    People have the right to eat what the want. Yes they should eat better. Some times some people can't make it all the way home. Fast food places can be quicker. People don't have a lot of money so they buy some chips. Fast food places are cheap. Some people don't have the right stuff to cook food.

  • Keep out government. Let the states decide.

    The American government should keep their bureaucrat noses out of our kitchens. America was based on one thing: freedom. We came over from England to escape a monarchy where they were told what to do for everything,. By telling the American people what they can and can't eat is one step closer to having King Obama, instead of President Obama. The government should leave this to the American people to decide. Just like we voted on the medical marjuiana law, lets do the same thing with this. And so if the states want a higher tax they can give a higher tax. But if they don't then they can deal with it

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