• Yes, they should.

    If a high school is allowed to have a Christian club or a club of any other religious denomination, then it would be only right to offer an atheist club. Atheism isn't a religion, but it could help them form critical thinking skills and bond with other like minded individuals. They will also learn that atheists aren't bad people simply because they lack religion.

  • When people feel different in any way they need acceptance.

    Denying the formation of these clubs would deny these atheist kids who are feeling all kinds of things ranging from threat of burning in hell to being shut out of society just for thinking. Atheists are human beings that require acceptance and a sense of community and the only difference between them and you is they can't get that acceptance from god because they think that god doesn't exist. With this club they will have a better sense of acceptance and will probably grow up to benefit the economy and culture of our ever diversifying world.

  • This should definitely happen.

    An Atheist Club would be a great way for people to talk about their views and opinions on religion without being shunned for not believing the same things as their possibly narrowminded institutions. Personally, I think that the way Christianity is considered above other religions is out of control and feel this would help change it.

  • An Atheist Club should definitely be provided by high schools.

    People have different beliefs, cultures, languages, and traditions. Now, those who do not belong to any faith also deserve to fit in. Therefore, an Atheist Club would be a place for these people to come together and treat each other like friends and family instead of being bullied by those who do have faith. I personally am an Atheist and if my high school had an Atheist Club, I would be thrilled. I could give a very long speech about this subject, but I believe my point has been made.

  • Of course they should.

    No matter what people believe, people should have a place to fit in. An Atheist Club would be a great place for non-believers to come together and discuss their feelings and opinions. Usually, the administrators at the school believe in god and do not want to support Atheism. But they are not thinking about the people who don't. They don't understand that other people have their own beliefs.
    So yes, high schools should offer an "Atheist Club".

  • If they want to

    People should be able to gather peacefully for whatever reason they want. Atheism is not evil, although many people think it is. People simply feel god is an infeasible concept. If people really studied their religions more logically, they would realize atheism is just a point of view, and people need to be more tolerable of other beliefs.

  • Absolutely a legitimate club idea

    At my school there is a Christian Club but we don't have any other clubs for other beliefs. I believe there should be one for every belief whether or not many people will join. If there was an Atheist Club I prob would definitely join :~)
    Sounds like a good idea to me.

  • Most of the World believes in God

    Why should atheists always have special rights? There aren't even Christian Clubs in schools because teachers are worried about being sued by so-called "Free-thinker" groups for violating the First Amendment. Atheism is a belief, so it should be treated the same as any religion and be given no club because that would violate the establishment clause of the constitution.

  • Only because it's not up to the school.

    If the students at a school want to form an 'Atheist Club', then by all means they should be able to. But schools should not be able to form one, because it goes against the First Amendment for a school to endorse any form of religious belief, including atheism or anything else.

  • Why? That's stupid.

    I agree that there is nothing wrong with being Atheist, but something like that could easily evolve from an "Atheist Club", to an "Anti-religious club" in a flash! Also, it wouldn't quite make sense. Unlike Christianity, atheism is simply not believing in something, other than pondering over creation and The Trinity or anything else, it's simply not believing at all! So what would they do all the time? Nothing at all! And that's how it would turn into "I don't believe in God", to "God doesn't exist and anyone who thinks He does crazy," do you follow?

  • I don't understand how that would be possible.

    If I'm understanding this correctly, this is an idea of a group of people that would gather during school hours or right afterwards to talk about what they don't believe in? Atheism by definition is the lack of belief in religion or a higher power...It is an absence. It's like cold, cold isn't an element...It's simply the absence of heat. So if Atheists don't believe in Gods or Religion, then why would they sit around and talk about Gods or Religion? I would understand an evolution club but I'm afraid a club for kids who don't believe in something doesn't make much sense.

  • The school shouldn't.

    Yes, I am totally for an Atheist Club in schools for kids. However, I do not think the SCHOOL should create it. I mean, I believe in equality, and I know how irritated I would be if they made some sort of religous club. I'm fine with clubs being made by students, and completely encorauge it. However I am not okay with the school making them if said clubs have nothing to do with academics. It shows favortism of certain beliefs, and can intimidate people with other beliefs. Also, it would probably end with a lawsuit from an angry Christian parent, and then the high school would have to give kids milk in baggies and slices of bread for lunch from lack of funds... Wouldn't want that.

  • I'm agnostic, but...

    Whats the point in such a club? Is it just going to be people putting up posters that say "god isn't real!" Or "No one likes you god" or "christians suck"? I'm sorry, but i don't seem to understand the point of this. But still, I just don't get it, i'm sorry to say.

  • It would cause a lot of tension.

    To the best of my knowledge, there are no types of religion clubs. If there was an 'Atheist Club', people would be angry. It's almost like forming a war against G-d believers and Atheist. By the way, is this supposed to be some kind of church? It seems that whoever wrote this wants a chance to a have someplace they could have to let loose their feelings. And isn't that what a church does?

    Posted by: Rami
  • This should no happen.

    Schools don't even have christian clubs or catholic clubs? So why should there be atheist clubs. If atheists want to have a club they should do it on their own. Just like Christians or Catholics do by going to church groups or bible study. Most schools don't even discuss religion. There shouldn't be clubs about it, in school.

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DatAzian says2013-12-20T14:43:36.083
They already have them, go to the teachers' lounge and talk to the science@history teachers.