• Yes, and I hope she does.

    I have had the pleasure of meeting Hilary and not only is she an extremely nice person and an amazing democrat but she is the sort of person we need running our country. I made this wanting your views. I think she should and I know many will not agree with me on this but I think that having had her husband all ready there I think not only will it help her but It will make her a stronger better president!

  • Have another war criminal lead a nation?

    Supports many brutal and illegal wars in which the U.N. never sanctioned, supports Israel which brutally oppressed Palestinians (now I am Jewish and I stand against Zionism), always talks about peace but supports force, and pretty much everything progressivedem22 said as well.

    Just as Bush, Obama, Condoleezza Rice, John Kerry, Colin Powell, etc have support the United State's brutal imperialistic actions on the world I strongly disagree she should lead a country. The Americans need someone who will bring the military out of other countries, repair the nation's economy, and build up its social status; not destroy it further and inflict more wars and tyranny.

  • No, she is not a progressive.

    Let's go through a list...

    1. Sat on the board of Wal-Mart, a company which pays slave-labor wages and is one of the biggest welfare queens in this country.
    2. Voted for the war in Iraq
    3. Has always been hawkish on foreign policy
    4. Received $400,000 giving speeches at Goldman Sachs to tell the poor bankers that people are so harsh to them -- all they did was crash the economy and take huge bonuses, after all!
    5. Opposed raising the cap on Social Security because it will "impact the middle class," even though this argument is completely fallacious.
    6. Is clearly the choice of the establishment
    7. Dodged questions like a champ in 2008

    So, no, Hillary Clinton should not be the nominee, no matter how badly ObamaBots are willing to move to the right in order to support her corporatist agenda.

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