• Yes! Her talents are evident!

    She has been a senator, secretary of state, and understands business. She would make a great president! I am a republican, and only a student in high school but even I can see her progress is evident. She would be great! Put aside the fact she is a woman. Which is probably the only reason no one has voted for her. In this day and age it is okay to be sexist but not racist. She has been on multiple boards for very rich companies, such as Wal-mart. Yes she may have screwed up in 2012 as secretary of state, but she admitted to it and stepped down from office which is true signs of shame. She is an honest woman and was one of the best first lady's out there. Definitely a valid option for 2016.

  • Yes, of course she should

    She is a great and brave woman. She is a brilliant politic person. This is maybe a good oportunity for her. Almost all of the press is sharing her as the most possible opcion for 2016, and there are a lot of organizations like "Ready for Hillary" with more than 450.000 people who want her in the presidence. I love her. Hillary 2016 forever.


    My name is Hamza Abdul Malik Drummond. I am on the Political Action Committee of Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania. I represent several Sunni Muslim Groups in and around both counties. You have several Muslim groups and masjids in and around the Philadelphia areas that voted for President Obama. Most of these Muslims are professional people (I.E. Doctors, lawyers, police officers, firefighters, corrections officers and business owners and other professionals ). I met Mr. & Mrs. Clinton several years ago in Philadelphia when I worked the executive security detail along with Philadelphia Police Commissioner Sylvester Johnson. I am retired from The Pennsylvania State Police after over 25 years of service. If we can get the people motivated to vote, we can win.

  • I believe that Mrs. Clinton should run for president in 2016 and I know that she can win the election.

    My name is Hamza Abdul Malik Drummond and am on the Political Action Committee in Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania. I represent the muslim community (Sunni). I am a retired Pennsylvania State Trooper who has met Mr. & Mrs. Clinton when they came to Philadelphia. I was on the executive security team along with Philadelphia Police Commissioner Sylvester Johnson when Mr. Clinton came here to address a baptist church in North Philadelphia. There are millions of muslim voters both afro-american and other nationalities (i.e. lebanese, arabian,middle eastern etc. ) who reside and have buisnesses in Philadelphia and Montgomery counties. It is our job to bring everyone together (most are democrats) and I know that Mrs. Clinton along with help from her husband can do it.

  • Yes, if she wants to.

    I think she absolutely is supremely qualified and has the right composition and demeanor to be President. Most people, even those who do not like her a lot, at least believe she is capable and have some respect for her. Unless someone else emerges in the coming years, I see her as a front runner, but the real question is whether she wants it.

  • Should but will not

    The reason you hear all the voices calling for Hilary in 2016 is that she's earned it. The world respects her, we can send her virtually anywhere as a representative and things get done. Unfortunately, she seems thoroughly uninterested and I can't really blame her with how taxing her most recent position has been. I'd vote for her if she ran but I sincerely doubt she will.

  • Hilary Clinton Has Proven Herself Capable

    Hilary Clinton has proven herself to be a capable, competent politician. She has been in politics for a very long time, in the capacity of first wife, senator, and secretary of state. Her record as a public servant, especially in recent years, shows that she has a strong grasp on domestic and foreign policy.

  • NO, keep that Hag out of The White House ! She is cold, arrogant

    Hilary has proven time and again that she is part of the status quo of Washington. If she becomes President it will be the same old same old. Her handling of the Bengazi disaster was horrible negligence as it's best. I would dread to find out how she would handle an attack on the US

  • No don't run hillary

    This country does not need more socialism and forced policies on the American people.Then there is the unanswered questions about Benghazzi.We need somebody that really does care about americans. If you remember right the idea about mandatory government healthcare was hers. She is not our answer for the future and will never be.

  • Could It Really Work?

    No, Hilary Clinton should not run for president in 2016. Yes, Hilary Clinton has vast experience in politics, diplomacy and foreign issues. She is an intelligent and outspoken woman and we need her to remain in politics, but not as President. Electing Hilary for President would be the equivalent of electing two people to run the country. It would be extremely difficult to expect Bill Clinton to remain on the side and allow Hilary to conduct business without his advice and guidance. It would require Bill Clinton to live in Hilary’s shadow while she stayed in the spotlight.

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