• Yes, it is democratic.

    Whether or not Hillary Clinton is indicted, it should be a concerned for all Americans that Hillary demonstrated such poor judgment in how she handled her email communications while Security of State.Her lack of respect for security and systems to protect sensitive information, solely for her own convenience, should disqualify her from the position of POTUS.

  • Indictment is for the Grand Jury to Decide

    The grand jury should make the decision on whether Hillary Clinton should be indicted. It is the job of the grand jury to determine if it is appropriate for the government to proceed with the prosecution of an individual suspected of a crime. The question should be, "Did Hillary commit a crime?"

  • It's all noise

    The Benghazi hearings told us nothing other than that Hillary did her job. Colin Powell and Condoleeze Rice used their private e-mails. That's incompetence that goes way beyond Hillary herself. But it likely isn't a crime. All the detractors have done and sadly very successfully is paint an extremely qualified woman as some kind of villain and crook, when in reality she's a hard worker that deeply cares about this country.

  • Hillary Clinton possibly indicted

    I do not agree that Hillary Clinton should be indicted, as the crime they are trying to indict her for is something that I am well assured most politicians do or have done. I am not personally going to vote for her, but I think this is just one of the ways the opposing side is trying to "sling mud" her way.

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