• Bernie Sanders Poses Real Threat to Hillary Clinton

    Bernie Sanders is by far the most left wing politician America has seen in a long time. He offers a truly different approach to government, this approach should worry Clinton fans as Sanders' political style is resonating loud and clear with young voters across the US. Hillary's only defence will be in the lack of young people that go out to vote, but I believe this will change in 2016 because a choice between Sanders and any Republican candidate is a huge one.

  • A Campaign of the People

    Yes, Clinton should be worried about Sanders' campaign. His whole point is that he is supported and funded by the people, which makes more and more people consider giving him their vote. He focuses on issues that millenials worry about, and millenials are huge portion of voters with a lot of influence. We have social media impact and get most of our political information by word of mouth and from our friends, so focusing on social media and hot issues among the younger generation like Sanders is doing is key.

  • Yes, Hillary should be worried about Bernie Sanders

    Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are very close in some states so she should be worried. That aside, anytime it comes to a political race, candidates should be worried. You never know until votes are made and counted, who the winner will be. Therefore, Hillary should be concerned enough to keep an eye on Bernie Sanders campaign.

  • Yes, and she already is.

    Hillary Clinton has been in this position before. She was ahead of Barack Obama for most of the last primary season, but Obama came from behind to win the nomination. She knows that this could happen again with Bernie Sanders, and I am certain that she is worried. It seems like it may happen again anyway. She is seen as an establishment Democrat, who wouldn't change anything, while Sanders is seen as a revolutionary. This probably doesn't bode well for Clinton.

  • Bernie sanders exists

    Bernie sanders can make america great again and hillary clinton is not as cool as hillary clinton wait bernie sanders hillary clinton is not as cool as bernie sanders realistically im just writing this to take up my word requirement to make this publishable so to sum it up bernie sanders needs to win no republican retards

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