• Hilloary Clinton should drop out

    Security is the backbone of every country, government. Information shared across by Hillary is very confidential and classified. How can she use her personal email server pushing national security at risk? How can Democratic party nominate her for Presidential race from their party? This is the most insane thing that can happen in the Democratic Party.

  • Yes, she's too establishment, in this, the year of anti-establishment candidates.

    Two things both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have in common are their campaigns being financed without corporate donations and special interest groups, and their undeniable popularity. I see Hilary as "business as usual," and feel this country can't continue down that road. While having a female president would be an amazing historical step for America, I don't think Clinton is the right woman for the job.

  • Should Hillary Clinton drop out of the US presidential race?

    Hillary Clinton should not drop out of the US presidential race. The present presidential race would be quite different without Hillary Clinton, in fact she is one of the front runners. The chances of her winning the elections seems quite high considering her recent wins, however, when she was the secretary of state her use of a private email server for official government communication is considered a serious matter.

  • Of course she should stay in the race

    It is political season. How do you know this? Well, the sharks are out, as they smell blood in the water. The republicans have been hammering at Hillary Clinton for years now. They wanted to destroy her before the election and since that has not come to fruition the next best thing is to destroy her character. This is a sad part of the political process.

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