Should Hillary Clinton run for the White House in 2016?

Asked by: WilliamsP
  • Most certainly yes.

    Hillary Clinton is not only a Democrat, but she is a strong, independent woman who doesn't back down and who fights. In 2016, she could easily defeat any other candidate. Now, it would be funny seeing Bill back in the White House, but his wife Hillary is more than qualified to be our next president.

  • New Page of America History.

    America History need to add a new page of history 2016 for Hillary Clinton. Because it is almost 215 years from now since George Washington the first President of the U.S. we don't have a female president. If we really have a female president now at 2016. I believe that all the past with all the bad and suffering event of history will ending for ever. And 100 or 200 years later our second generation will speak out to the world that we are proud of a talent female president in us history 2016. It is Hillary Clinton.

  • As a progressive, I wouldn't vote for her.

    I don't intend this to be an insult of Hillary, whom I respect, but I simply cannot support her: I think she represents the establishment more so than any other Democrat. The largest financial institutions are on her side, and she voted for the war in Iraq--and has taken what I consider to be right-wing positions on a medley of issues.

  • God, if you're there I have a favor to ask...

    PLEASE DON"T LET HER IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on, she hasn't even given an explanation for Benghazi yet. She literally said that it doesn't matter that Americans died in that attack. I fear that it would be Obama x 50. Do we really need that. And besides there are just some jobs that god didn't mean for a woman: combat infantryman, miner, logger, and definitely not president!

  • Please God No...

    But I do think she will definitely have an advantage of women voting for her purely for the sake of having a woman president in the office. I contend that she should not run for office based on what my view on politics are- But that is not to say she has no chance whatsoever.

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