• Yes it should be

    Hillary should have to own up to all the wrongdoings that she's had over her political career. She has done some things that have effected the lives of other U.S. Citizen's in a negative way. Everyone has their own personal downfalls but Hillary is trying to hide from hers and it's time for her to own up to her mistakes.

  • Hillary's Emails must be Subpoenaed

    Hillary Clinton's recent email scandal has caused a slew of remarks on the campaign trail. One such remark has been over whether or not her emails should be subpoenaed. I would agree that they should be subpoenaed, as all of these were sent or received over a government email, meaning that they are all essentially paid for and belong to the citizens of the United States, which in turn should allow the representatives they elect to look at them and make further judgements.

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton's email account should be subpoenaed.

    Yes, I believe that Hillary Clinton's email account should be subpoenaed because not even the most powerful members of society are immune to the law. Her email account should be fully investigated, and if it shown that she has done anything illegal, then she should be prosecuted further. Also, a subpoena would shed more light on the email controversy surrounding Clinton.

  • Enough already, leave Hillary alone!

    The anti-Clinton attack machine has been churning for decades, and I know that I'm not the only one who is tired of it. Plenty of government officials break their rules all the time. There's no proof that anything from Hillary's email was leaked or that it caused any damage. This is simply a continued attack from her political enemies.

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