• If not hindi,then what ?

    Only hindi is understood among all the indegenous languages. Most of the words in hindi are taken from different languages of the Indian subcontinent as well as asia and europe . As hindi is the most common language we can say that hindi can be our official language and can be easy for all.

  • Hindi should be our national language.

    In order for our county to be united, we should all be able to speak and write in Hindi. Without a national language binding us together, our country is divided. It is also the most spoken language in India - thus making it the best candidate as a national langauge. Prime Minister Jarwarhal Nehru had a plan concerning langauges - we would all be able to speak our regional language, then our national language, then the international language. And is that really so impossible? I am proudly fluent in Punjabi, Hindi, and English.

  • Kerala supports Hindi

    Gandhiji always dreamt of unified India with Hindi as our national language NOT English and regional languages as their mother tongue. It is just those Tamilians who cant accept Hindi because of 'EGO', they think Tamil should be dominant. I am from Kerala and all Keralites accept Hindi national language.

  • We are indians

    Our country is also called as Hindustan it means the people who speak Hindi so why Hindi is not considered as our official language it should be our official language. Please do not underestimate Hindi before English those who do not accept Hindi can speak their ones but Hindi should the official language of India.

  • Only Hindi should be at this place Of all the indigenous languages

    Only Hindi should be at this place Of all the indigenous languages only Hindi is understood in all over India. Though it is spoken with influence of regional dialects but people speak and understand it from Kashmir to Kanniyakumari and from Maharashtra to Arunachal Pradesh. Even rural people understands understand and use this language. No other language is having such a status.

  • If not hindi, then what?

    Going by stats, hindi is very well absorbed in more than 20 states of India. I have many acquaintances from the southern region of India and I have realized that it is indeed very difficult for them to speak hindi. My point is if not hindi then which language? Accepting hindi as national language is not certainly going to corrupt their mother tongue. It will be a sign of oneness. There has to be one language that can be understood as well as spoken throughout the India. It is more of a egoistic issue than a language issue. People outside India are accepting hindi as the national language of India but it is a sign of utter shame that it is a debatable topic in India.

  • Nation without national language can not survive for long

    We must have Hindi as our national language. It is easy. It may be modified to suit our southern brothers and sisters. Most of the words in hindi language is taken from different languages of indian subcontinent as well as asia and europe. I am too wrinting this in english so as to convey my massase to all brothers and sisters of this great country.

  • Hindi should be India's national language.

    Three - fourth of India's population is in villages where the national language is the most common and easy method to reach and develop. Few people who know other languages mainly English think of themselves as 'uppercastes' and other national language speaking people inferior. So for complete development of a country the national language should privileged at first.

  • Hindi is the most common language in India

    As hindi is the most common language we can say that hindi should be our national language. In north there are most of the people speak hindi but in south people don't speak hindi . If we start continuing english in our country then it is a shame for us that we are following the foreign language.
    As indians we should have unity so we can take hindi as our national langauge

  • Hindi should be our National Language.

    India has 29 prime languages, but no national language. I think its a crying shame. We don’t need a link language – North and South are geographically too distant to connect. We need a language that can speak of our country’s cultural identity. I am of the view that the country must have a national language and it should be Hindi.

  • Hindi shouldnt be our national language

    Hindi is spoken by north indians only.If hindi is made an official language it will be convienient for only north indians.Just think the other way around if any other south indian languages are made as national language ,will any of the north Indians agree.It will be difficult for them.Making hindi as official language will divide India into North and south Indians.

  • No single Indian language is capable.

    The issue is of acceptance of Hindi.We non Hindi citizens are deadly against it including our own mother tongue.Better accept English as Permanent national & official language along with rest 22 indic languages.
    There will not be any finalization on any one language.We also demand to register English in 8th schedule.

  • No further separation of India

    Forcefully implementation of Hindi may be created separate independent nations inside India in future. So English is the best for nation's integrity. Remember, one of the main reason of creation of Bangladesh is Urdu speaking minority people of Pakistan tried to abolish bangla which was the language of majority of the then Pakistan.

  • Maintain multi culturalism

    All regional languages are equal and must be treated equally. There should be no discrimination based on language. India is a unique country and should be continued that way. No room for politics in India's multi cultural nature. Otherwise this will cause serious problems to national integrity without question. Thanks

  • Punjabi should be the national language of India

    Punjabi gave birth to the Hindi language and it is an ancient language. Therefore, Punjabi and English should also be the national languages of India, so everyone can understand each other. This way everyone can be comfortable with speaking only the language of their choice whether it's Punjabi, English, or Hindi.

  • Hindi can never be a national language.

    India is not a single government country. Rather, it is a federation of states under a single central government. Each state can choose their own language and hence no need of a national language.
    English should be the link language. Even those who voted "YES" have typed in English. Those who say that English is a foreign language should understand that Hindi is also a foreign language to the southern states. Among the 2 foreign languages, English and Hindi, we will definitely choose English as the link language.

  • Hindi Should never be the National Language.

    India is not a single government country. Rather, it is a federation of different states united by a single central government. Since Hindi is not spoken in majority of states, it cant be a national language. There should be no national language. If a link language is required, it is of course English.
    Those who say that English is a foreign language should understand the Hindi is also a foreign language to the non-Hindi speaking states.

  • No language should be consider as national language

    Our country is vast and it stands for the beauty of unity......That is unity of cast,religion and language. If Hindi is made as national language then most of the other languages may not be brought to next generation and those languages wil be not in use as we lost our ancient and spiritual language Sanskrit .

  • It is not about how you say it, its about what you say.

    1. Religious and cultural politics is and has always been the game of the right wing government to manipulate the minds of the people. During a time when strong positive initiation for developing the country should be the priority, they seem to have begun unwanted talks on the culture and heritage of India.
    2. The preservation of culture has been an age old argument against any kind of change. If we were to be preserving culture then it should be sanskrit we should be talking about and not Hindi. How many north indians speak in sanskrit or how many south Indians speak in the old dravidian languages? We have clearly moved away from that time. It is important for us to understand that CULTURE IS ALSO PROGRESSIVE IN NATURE. Resisting change which is a natural process will only lead in destruction.
    Indians also have a very misunderstood concept of their culture. The 200 years in which the british ruled us is a part of our history. It is not removable or replaceable, so let us deal with it. Our history hence also defines our culture. English is also a part of our culture.
    3. Language should be used for convenience. English is the medium of education and is a language taught in most schools around India. This is the same in all European countries and american countries. Hence it is an International language. This also enables us to be global citizens.
    Some people believe that the idea of a global citizen makes us less patriotic. Well, it is not true. This is what politics that abuses linguistic differences can do to us. Patriotism is not merely in a language or in a cricket team. It is a strong internal emotion.
    The availability of an institution or a mechanism to implement something is what we generally lack. But conveniently it is already available to us in the number of schools that teach english in the country. So let us make use of it. Any idea that is published is published in English and made easily available on the Internet. It is easier and quicker , more available and accessible.
    5. I have studied hindi all my life. I have passed all my exams but still cannot speak in hindi. A hindi speaking person recently told me that the only way to speak in Hindi is TO SPEAK IN HINDI ! However unfortunately in south india we do not have enough amount of opportunity to do so. Hence forcing south indians to learn hindi will have only negative impacts. Me and most of my friends spent hours learning hindi passages when the same could be conveniently understood in any other language. English is equally tough for both north and south indians. Let us take the challenge of learning it. Let us use it to unify our country. Then there will be no north or south Indians, there will only be Indians and that is also the dream of our constitution makers.

  • No, there should be multiple languages.

    No, Hindi should not be the national language of India, because there are many languages and dialects spoken in India. There does not need to be one official language in India. The United States survives without an official language, and Canada survives with two. India should do what is best for its people.

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