• It gives the music a bad look.

    Hip hop is such a beautiful art form and sometimes you cannot tell with the lyrics. It's one thing to tell a story about what's going on in their environment, and another thing to advocate selling or using drugs. Not all artists' lyrics involve drugs, but the ones who get airplay seem to be constantly advocating them. It gives the music and the culture a bad look.

  • Yes, hip hop culture should re examine its drug use.

    I think that the rap / hip hop culture has needed to think about the consequences of its actions for some time now. The people in that cohort do not realize how powerful of a message it sends to children when you glorify the use of drugs and other narcotics.

  • Yes It Should

    As a fan of hip-hop, I think the culture needs to reexamine its stance on drugs, There;s too many songs praising drugs or talking about drug use. It has become excessive and looks very bad. Most of these rappers don't even use some of the drugs that they rap about.

  • Yes amongst other things.

    I would say that the community needs to re examine not only the drug use but the lyrics and meanings behind the music itself. We have a culture that thinks degrading woman and talking about money and murder is cool. I think our focus is off and that we could achieve so much more without all the negitive lyrics that come with alot of this music. Don't get me wrong I like alot of rap and hiphop.. but there is just some that goes way overboard. Re-examine and fix.

  • Yes, hip hop should not reinforce bad behavior.

    Hip hop has consistently been plagued by the bad behavior of its protagonists. Being a powerful influence in the black community, hip hop should make every attempt to showcase the beauty of the African American culture. Hip hop should celebrate the values that make for a strong people such as the family, respect for women and avoidance of addictive substances. By placing a value on drug use, they reinforce the bad behavior they are trying to get away from in their own lives.

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