Should hippies substitute more proactive protests for their Occupy events?

  • Feed the Hungry, House the Homeless

    The Occupy movements and events can do more good by volunteering their time to feed the hungry and house the homeless. That way, their energy of angst can become a force for good and positive change rather than just a bunch of angry people who don't have jobs. The Occupy movement could have done so much better with the momentum it had.

  • Question Is A Bit Biased

    I think it is quite unfair to call those involved with the Occupy events hippies given that they aren't really hippies. So, I don't believe this biased question does much to help the position. I believe these protests should be re-instituted since they were unfairly shut down by the United States government. I do think the movement needs to be more proactive.

  • They cause enough trouble.

    No, hippies should not substitute more proactive protests for their Occupy events, because there are already a great deal of problems with the Occupy events. Within occupy, there are issues of private property rights of the land owners, and there are cases of theft and violence, even rape, that have happened within the Occupy camps. What could possibly be more aggressive than that?

  • No, any show of protest is a good one.

    I am not sure that you could call those who are in the Occupy movement to be hippies, for that is an old term for a certain group and the people in this movement today come from all walks of life, young and old. They are doing a good job protesting, no matter what form it takes.

  • Hippies should do what they feel

    No, I do not believe that hippies should substitute for more proactive protest for their current Occupy events. In the past events occupancy events have been the loudest and have proven to have an impact on the situation. Whatever works should be continued. Occupancy is peaceful and gets the attention of those that need to see, so if it is not broken why should it be fixed?

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