Should Hispanics forget about their culture once they're here in the U.S.A.?

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  • Never forget your heritage

    When my family had to conform, they accepted it. Sure they spoke their native language but they learned English and made it first. Many migrants care not to conform. And by the way the statue of liberty was a idea for a wealthy Arabic and we got it second hand. We needed help to process raw material and new ideas. Our goal was not to feed the world. So if thats what you intend pay for it with solicited funds from those financially willing or able.

  • No, cultural diversity is what makes us the United States.

    The United States was founded by immigrants. Even in its early days, though, there were conflicts amongst the races. Believe it or not, Irish were considered non-whites and discriminated against! We need to work to accept all races; being multicultural is one reason other countries look up to us. Hispanics often have strong family ties in their various countries' cultures; we can learn from them. However, everyone who comes to the United States should work to learn English and pursue higher education, thus having the best chances available at life here. They should also make friends with people of all races. We can all enrich our lives by learning about other peoples and cultures.

  • Hispanics in the U.S. should not forget about their culture.

    Under no circumstances should someone be pressured to forget about their culture, since a person's culture is a large part of his identity. Many immigrants come to the U.S. because it is their only choice, and they often leave their families in their native country. Without their culture to remind them of home, they would become lonely and depressed, which is unfair to wish on anyone. In the case of Hispanics, their culture is not even just part of the immigrant's identity, but it has actually become a part of the U.S. identity.

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