• A really begrudging yes.

    History is an essential subject, it should be questioned it should be open to debate so not only are the lessons learned but validity is questioned. It should be analysed and no subject taboo and no question wrong. It could be an essential lesson for kids to examine facts to reason and to learn objectivity. However the current history taught to kids is brainwashing control taught by brain dead zombies and written and passed on with extreme prejudice. So whilst I feel history should be a critical subject its current objective is mind control.

  • Recommended to take but shouldn't be obligatory.

    All those who said no were saying how it's important to know about our ancestors but I saw the word should a lot. This indicates that it is not really necessary. So Yes I think schools should definitely encourage it I know I do but it isn't really necessary. Many people said it is important and why it's important. That isn't really relevant. Cleaning your room is important. Is there class on cleaning your room? Again I am not denying the importance I just don't really think it is necessary.

  • History is nothing except tears, blood and hate

    I think it must be optional all over world. History is nothing except tears, blood and hate. History supports these bad things. We should delete our history and open a new page to the future. If something has to be thought in the school, we should teach humanity and liberty. But of course some people want to learn about ancestors' victories and the good things which they have done in the past. In that case, insulting and hate must be removed from history books.

  • It should be optional to a point.

    I believe that we can all start to persue our own interests once we enter middle school / junior high, by specifying our classes more towards sciences or arts or languages.. History, while valuable, should only be mandatory to a limited knowledge base. If the student chooses to pursue their knowledge in history with more history classes, than so be it.

  • I think so

    Um first of all I would like to give a shout out to my uncle who is a history teacher that I had in 6th grade. So I really think it should be a choice because sometimes you just don't need history because it happened in the history so why do people need to learn it I guess some people like it but me like I am just not so good at history class so I think I don't have to be able to do it I just think it might be easier to not so we can get into college because it won't say I failed history because I won't take it u know what I'm sayin? And I just don't really like my uncle so sometimes like if your relative or mom or dad or something is a history teacher and you just don't really want them or something then you don't have to take the class so I just really think it should be a choice

  • Yes,it should be optional

    Although I don't deny its importance,I'm sure that knowing history is not the most important thing in life.Some may find history fascinating,but I don't think it's more important than knowing how to cook,for example.That is,if you know how to cook - even if you don't know history at all - then you're fine.But if you are a history expert and you can't cook at all (i.E. Not even the easiest meal),then you're good for nothing! I find some parts of the history interesting,but also having to study history intensely got me quite frustrated.
    In the end,I think that even if students find history fascinating,they shouldn't be forced to study it intensely.If they want to study it more,they can do this at home,in my opinion.

  • It is completely pointless if you are going into any math, science, or English.

    Some may think that it is important because it teaches us of the past, but if you are going to be an accountant, you do not need to know history. It may be interesting, and fun to learn about, but it should be optional because only some people need history in life. I also think that all classes in high school should be optional for the same reason. I think that all classes should be required in elementary and middle school, so everyone has a base knowledge, and can choose what they want to go into.

  • Humans ignorant of past mistakes are bound to eventually repeat them

    While you could certainly argue that the history that is though in school might be biased or simplified to the degree of being almost wrong, it is still the case that history is an extremely important subject, all humans makes mistakes. That's unlikely to ever change, but one way of trying to prevent some of the graver mistakes of humanity to repeat is to teach children about what humanity has been through in the past, and what consequences those action had on our species.

    History is also important because it is important for children to realize that humanity has not always been as civilized a species as we now generally are, if we don't then we risk that children will truly take this virtue for granted, and once something is taken for granted the amount of work done to prevent it from changing tends to lessen, which I would consider a bad thing for humanity as a whole.

  • It is an important subject

    We are who we are today because of history. The only way to make sure that history does not repeat itself is to learn from it.

    History is so much more than just studying dates, it is about studying the evolution of how human being thought which is essential for us to continue to grow and develop.

  • It Should Be Encouraged!!!

    We have too many people, today, with no clear understanding of American History, World History, our Bill of Rights, our Constitution, etc. This deprives them from fully understanding our government and how it works. It limits their ability to get involved.

    Personally, I feel that anyone who discourages the study of History is an elitist. They don't really care about a democracy for Americans as a whole. They want control & influence for themselves. So, keeping the mass population clueless works to their advantage. Of course, this ideology rarely equates to what is best for the nation or the majority. Hence, the problem.

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
    -- George Santayana

  • In the word of the great Roman historian Livy...

    What chiefly makes the study of history wholesome and profitable is this: that you behold the lessons of every kind of experience set forth as on a conspicuous monument. From these you may choose for yourself and for your own state what to imitate, from these mark for avoidance what is shameful in the conception and shameful in the result.

  • It certainly should not be.

    It is essential to learn about our nation's heritage and past. It is also equally important to study and reminisce about the brave, and innovative souls of the past. We should remember the heroes of the past, and the battles fought to acquire the peace, and serenity that we have today. We should remember these famous historical figures who shaped our world today, invented new products, and discovered new, and innovative ideas to help facilitate a better, and more desirable living atmosphere.

  • How else would any of us know ......

    .......Who the people are in our past that we should honor and remember. Like all the persecuted and enslaved. Or the victims of attempted genocide. Also all the innovators of our past and the other heroic people and their deeds. Not just in the US, but around the world. We also can't forget about the people in our past that were not so honorable and yes, we tend to learn from the past so studying history will, hopefully, help to keep us from repeating some of the mistakes in history.

  • It may be sometimes boring

    But history is important and necessary. It is one's culture's , religion's, and nations' past. Everyone should have a minimum knowledge of it. It should be one's pride. Our past helps us not to repeat the same mistakes, it teaches us a lot. Similar is the case with history as a subject.

  • No Optional History

    However “useless” history may seem, it should continue to be required. History is not just learning about old stuff. A class like history teaches important skills like Challenging conventional thinking. It prompts students to ask fascinating questions. It allows them to develop their own theories and ideas.
    Aside from this, kids should know something of the history of the world they live in. Many kids and young adults are completely clueless and downright ignorant about the past. This is very sad and unfortunate. You may never need history in anything you do. But it is knowledge for the sake of knowledge. It is good to have some of that. Not everything has to be practical, real world skills. It helps to have somewhat of an intellectual knowledge base.

  • Should any other subject be optional

    History is a major subject, that is arguably the most important. It teaches kids about the mistakes of those in the past, so people aren't doomed to repeat it. It is a terrible idea, and if history is optional, why not english, or math. Why not forget our past and culture altogether. History may have a bad rap as the most boring class, but it important and useful.

  • We learn from History

    History is arguably the most useful class of High school. The main reason being is that we learn from the History of others. We learn, for example, that prohibition is not a good idea because it simply did not work. There are countless others of examples of lessons learned through history. My other reason is that whenever you hear Intelligent people having an intelligent discussion, History is brought up 99% of the time. Without it, you are simply uninformed.

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AnonyFeline says2013-08-15T20:33:49.437
History is an absolute necesdity, but education on history needs to more properly and accurately address the perspectives and credit cobtributions and achievements of the cultures not within the current political and socio-economic system.