• Its cool and

    History is fun and exiting so we shall learn it ......... Well 38 more word to go in this speech what will I say hmm I guess I will talk about... No not that ill just say I like the way the cookie crumbles there I said it duh duh

  • True history should be taught in the schools

    Those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. Knowing what mistakes were made in the past helps us to avoid repeating those mistakes. Unfortunately "revisionist history" is what is being taught in schools today. They change and skew the truth, or leave it out completely for so called politically correct reasons, or to shape the opinions of the students with falsehood and outright lies.

  • We ARE doomed to repeat it unless we know it -

    And it's happening right now. People who don't understand history assume or believe that the crusades were just Christians waging a bloody war against Muslims, but don't understand that the Middle East was mostly Christian land, and that in 610 A.D. When Mohammad created Islam they conquered (and in brutal fashion) over 15 MILLION square kilometers in just 150 years - This also included parts of Europe, like Sicily, Spain and parts of France. They continued to try and take over Western Europe and annihilate Christianity, all the while expanding into northern Africa and eastern Europe and Russia. It wasn't until 1095, when Pope Urban II first made mention of a Christian Crusade in history. It was blow back for nearly FIVE centuries of Muslim aggression towards Christians and their territories.
    We can see this happening today with ISIS and their planned caliphate. They are killing Christians in droves, and have infiltrated the refugee populations entering into both Europe and USA - and yes, DHS and the FBI confirms.
    Tell me again how history is not relevant as a core study? You can call this comment racist or islamophobic, but the fact remains that what we are seeing today with ISIS is very similar to what happened from 600-1100 AD. That's history repeating itself.

  • Absolutely Without Doubt

    My high school nieces don't know anything about the Vietnam war, or why their uncle is a staunch veteran patriot; why their grandfather fought in WWII, what the heck was WWII. They don't know anything about history of this country other than what is shown in a VINE message yesterday. This is ridiculous. No wonder they are self-absorbed and unaware. ISIS, yes, American schools should teach them about ISIS as these 18 year olds will be fighting them in war for decades to come. I'm appalled to find that high school history stops at the Declaration of Independence.

  • Its part of our nature

    The very subject of history in schools i believe is not properly implimented, i believe it should be 2 parts, first for the purpose of better understanding of ourselves, a guide, a connection to our ancestors, examples of human nature and values to better understand ourselves and give a better sense of right and wrong at a young age, this kind of history espesially for the kids would be an excellent guide i think... The second would be the other history those of countries, wars, battles etc, and theirs always learning history on your own time.

  • Why teach history?

    If history is taught in an engaging way, teens learn about the significance of past events and personalities, and can relate them to their own lives, according to Lynne Munson, the Executive Director of Common Core. (Not that I agree completely with the concept of common core.) "It's the knowledge of a subject like history that gives you the wisdom you need to put your own life in a broader context, and know what you might be capable of in the future, by knowing what people have done in the past," Munson says. "Without a knowledge of history, your world is very small."

    The results of a recent survey commissioned by Common Core, an organization working to bring comprehensive instruction - including history and other liberal arts - to American classrooms, reveal an embarrassing ignorance among high school students of basic US and world history. Out of 1,200 17-year-old respondents to a national telephone survey, nearly a quarter could not identify Adolf Hitler, less than half could place the Civil War in the correct half-century, a third did not know that the Bill of Rights guarantees the freedom of speech and religion, and on and on it goes.

    Perhaps more than any other school subject, history teaches people how to become responsible, contributing citizens in a society. Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Walter McDougall, calls history "the religion in the modern curriculum." When teens learn about the values that built the country they live in, the wars that were fought to protect certain ideals, the triumphs and failures of different leaders and societies – they can better understand how their own society was shaped, and what their role in it is. With a knowledge of history young people have the opportunity to learn from the tragic mistakes of past individuals and societies, and to prevent the same mistakes being made over again.

  • Whatever happened to curiosity?

    We live in a world that began in a state so primitive we can now hardly even imagine it. What was it like to live in the days of the Roman Empire, France in the 17th century, the early days of the American revolution? It's not just what we can learn from the past, it's the miracle of man's progress over the ages, how the things we take so for granted came about. The great and infamous people and their influence on world events. Facts not fables. Shame on anyone who is not interested in history!

  • History is important

    One of many reasons history should continue being taught at schools is to know yourself. How do we dk this? To truly know yourself, one must first know who his or her ancestors were. By knowing that you can know who you are, hence being harder to manipulate and controlled.

  • Definitely needs to be taught!

    History is a vital part of a better education. An important tool that helps to remind us where we came from, and where we can go in our future. It also prevents us from making the same mistakes the others have made in the past. That is why history is so important, so we do not forget or loose who we are, and aim high for the future. History is not just emotional, or boring at all. There were great people who had a huge impact, that we all can look up to. That there is a huge motivator ! You take that away, you will gain nothing but ignorance, loss of knowledge, and direction. That there is an utter shame!

  • History is important

    I think that history should e taught in schools because topics like The World wars , The civil rights movement , Emancipation Proclamation , the civil war and so many other topic are so important because if it was not for the history we wouldn't be where we are today

  • History souldn't be teached in school

    If you become a farmer, doctor, vet , motorcross, or every a bussinuss man or women then there not going to ask iwhen the Indians got taken over or when the French army got to the new world, or even whe George Washington becam president of U.S.A. and we learn the same crack over and over again when is it going to end so i don't think history should be teached in school unless the student wants to learn it.

  • History Is Currently Pointless

    History is so stupid and a waste of time. Why learn it? They say because we can learn from it to prevent having the same problems, but I don’t see the government studying it and they are doing a crappy job so until they study history, learn from it, and actually do something right. I see no reason to continue trying to learn history. Why should a girl at my age that cant hope to make a difference learn history that is supposed to help me make a difference
    History is in the past. The past is in the past. So move on. Yes learn from mistakes but if your going to learn then learn and move forward right direction. If you are not going to learn from it then why remember it?
    There is really no point to history except to make us stress out more and give us another class to fail. I am a girl from Kimberly who has no interest what so ever in becoming something history related. I most likely wont even use history once in my life after I graduate. Its ridiculous and stupid but I'm still forced to learn it.

  • History should not be taught in high schools

    History is a waste of resources because many people will never use it in their lives, instead, schools should teach about law or geography. In my school system, geography was only touched upon once in sixth grade and law in eighth grade, neither of these were taught again. In our society, nobody really needs to know the history of Europe for example and when events happened. In schools, we should focus less on the past, and more on the present and the future.

  • I hate it

    History is the worst class. Its so boring I hate it. It's just facts and s - t - u - p - i - d . . . . . X . . Z , x x x x x x x x x x x c c c

  • I've red the comments

    My initial response was to say no, and i was right. The people who vote YES, seem to be connected to history on an emotional level while people on the NO side see thinks on the logical side, and provide alternative solutions. Now my opinion: History connects us on the emotional level, in most cases it makes us worse. Past wars make us judge today's generation of people, past mistakes don't seem to teach us anything, and children aren't interested in history because it's boring and it doesn't involve them. History should be available to those who are curious, curiosity is much more powerful tool then blind facts

  • Today's Problems Don't Mirror Those we had in the Past

    Some say that by learning about history and past conflicts, we will be able to improve the present. This is not true, though. The problems we have today aren't the same ones that we had in the past. If humanity truly improved by learning from their mistakes, we would have no poverty or war in the world.

  • History does nothing for me

    History shouldnt be a mandatory class it should be optional because think about you learn about napoleon bonaparte and how tall he was and all his great battles but then it hits you i have a bill to pay let me use what i learned about napoleon but you cant because it wont help you pay bills my point is we should learnmhow to get jobs and be more self sufficient you would be suprised how many student i know who dont even know what bills are thats bad plus history now is what someone want you to know not what really happedned like i said dont take history out of school just make it optional so i dont have to take it

  • We are forced to learn it, and it is not helpful

    I would not mind history classes existing if it schools didn't make us learn it without choice. In my life, i do not plan to get a job that requires knowledge about history. I just wont. Yet, they still make me do it. It is just one more thing to stress about in school. Why cant they let us choose the classes we want? Never in my life am i going to use history. They always make the argument that it helps people not repeat mistakes in the past, but normal citizens will not make those mistakes. If anyone needs to learn history to not make the same mistakes, its the government. So no, history is not important, and it never will be important. Whats in the past is in the past. We need to focus on current events and we need to focus on the future,

  • Exactly everyone should learn from their mistakes but not fiddle around about things like everyone doesn't read

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