Should HIV positive workers have to tell their employers of their status?

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  • I do believe that HIV positive workers should be required by law to disclose their status to their employers.

    I do believe that HIV positive workers should be required by
    law to disclose their status to their employers. I think that this is common sense. It is not a violation of civil rights. This would only be necessary to protect the
    health of all of the other non HIV positive employees.

  • Yes, it's a medical hazard.

    If the person gets injured and someone gets in contact with their bodily fluids, they could get infected, meaning instead of one casualty, you now have two. It would also benefit the employer to know in cases of emergency, so they could know to help the individual by providing more lenient services for both.

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  • Yes, it is a risk

    If a person has HIV they need to inform the people around them. Not doing so, is putting many more people at risk. If that person gets cut or what not and someone else comes in contact with the person with HIV, then there is more than one person at risk

  • Not relevant unless your job is prostitute.

    HIV can only pass through bodily fluids. In medicine this is already carefully avoided for the sake of preventing the spread of disease so it's not a problem. The only job where this would be relevant is prostitute and places with legal prostitution usually require regular STD testing of prostitutes so she/he wouldn't need to tell her employer. They'd find out at the same time.

  • No, any medical condition or illness is a private matter.

    Privacy is your right up until you put someone else at risk. If there is a possibility that your illness puts anyone else at risk it is your responsibility to inform them. Neglecting to tell anyone that you put at risk should be a punishable offense; not just in the work place.

    There are some exceptions. There are some jobs that have a higher inherent risk of passing HIV and other conditions on to someone else. These should have some sort of regulation or guideline for employment and/or safety precautions.

    The majority of employers have no need to know about your health concerns unless it impacts your ability to do your job.. But that's another story.

  • Why should they?

    Why should HIV positive workers have to tell their employers their status? Whether a person has HIV or not doesn't affect their job. It is a private matter and no one should be forced into telling anyone about it. It is an invasion of privacy and could cause unnecessary anxiety and stress.

  • No, an employee should not have to tell the employer about being HIV positive.

    Medical information has always been protected and should be. People are often judged and treated differently based on a disability or medical condition, and no one should be required to endure that. There are no circumstances under which an employer would need to know an individual's HIV status. Even if someone were to get hurt at work, bleeding and without the ability to communicate, safety regulations recommend taking precautions when assisting.

  • No Need To

    the only reason someone should ever have to tell someone is when they are at the doctors office or their conditions puts another at risk, then the subject at risk should know. The boss should not even ask, it doesn't affect the boss him or herself or the work place in any way shape or form.

  • No, I do not believe so.

    There is no need for any worker to divulge any such information that could lead to any discrimination related to the divulgation of any such information. This is a person’s medical history, this is a private matter between the a patient and their doctor.

    In any case of a work place accident where blood or other bodily fluid is split, it should always be cleaned up and disposed of using the same precautions regardless if the person has HIV or not.

  • Discrimination can make your life a hell

    No matter how well informed people are, they are fearfull. Even more in mixed cultural places. Disclosing health issues that can be related or not is supported as colleagues should know the best way to help the individual. I'm case there is an accident and someone was at risk it is then different.

  • Responsibility of the person

    Where is right to privacy if that is the case anyone with cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc should also tell. HIV is a chronic illness now, there are individuals who are living a full life and take care of themselves they go for check ups, take their meds if they weren't responsible they wouldn't be working at a job

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