• Make it illegal

    It creates a harmful and dangerous environment, not only for the hoarder but for emergency workers that may need to enter the home. If there's no consequence to hoarding these people will never get help and likely perish in a fire, building collapse, fall, or from an environmentally induced disease.

  • The thing about hoarding is, it is harmful.

    With a house full of junk, in an emergency, an ambulance or firefighter wouldn't be able to safely pass through. My grandfather is a hoarder and when his wife died the ambulance couldn't get through and carry her out of the house. Also, when his house caught on fire the firefighters had a hard time distinguishing the fire because he had collected too much junk. The whole house ended up in flames. Also, psychologically, hoarding is harmful. They are not able to deal with certain issues so they cope by hoarding. A hoarder, for another thing, is often left isolated because they are too ashamed to have others over at the house or they refuse to enter a house that is filled with garbage. Many people lose family and friends over this issue.

  • Hoardings not to be banned

    Controll them , illegal hoardings needs to be removed, hoardings of political leaders, made with wood banners is harmful.... Hoardings made with iron, with structural stability dosent cause danger, potential danger happens with hoardings made with wood & stick.
    If pollution is problem then let me ask what about air pollution by vehicles does that mean that u will ban all vehicles. When a road is repaired (taring) it causes immense pollution does that mean that u will ban taring and construction of roads & bridges. No! Why???

  • It's a mental disorder.

    Whoever says yes to this question must be extremely ignorant and is as bad as someone telling a kid with ADHD to calm down or else they will be forced to leave. People who hoard have pretty much NO control of what they're doing. It's considered a symptom of OCD. You can't ban something that someone can't do anything about. It's like saying we should ban buildings or other structures because they can collapse.

  • We should quit judging each other

    It's just hoarding until you make believe a value that it's somehow wrong. Same goes for any consequences of hoarding. You have to make a value that says those consequences are bad and so hoarding is wrong. Since it's all just made up there is nothing inherently wrong with being a hoarder.

  • I don't think so.

    I don't think hoarding should be banned because for some people that's there way of keeping people around, not letting memories go, not being alone. If they want to have that stuff then let them, it should be in a safe place so no one or that person doesn't get hurt, but they should have a right to have whatever they please.

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