Should hockey, India's national game, be privatized?

  • Yes, there is no national interest in hockey.

    Yes, hockey should be privatized in India, because there is no legitimate government interest in running a hockey organization. With all of the problems and social issues currently in India, it sends the wrong message for the government to be spending large amounts of government funds on sport. Private organizations would pick up the slack for this popular sport.

  • Let Government Govern, Not Own Sports

    Recent court cases in India show a contentious fight between rival hockey federations in the country. Privatizing the national sport of India takes any perceived conflicts of interest out of the equation--what if certain government officials have ties to hockey teams and write legislation benefitting them? If the sport is so popular, leagues funded with private money can only help bolster India's massive poverty problem by giving jobs to those who need it most so people can work in stadiums.

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