Should Holly Bobo's alleged killers have been brought to justice before her body was discovered?

  • Yes, Holly Bobo's alleged killers should have been charged much ealier than they have been

    Holly Bobo's alleged killers were not brought to justice until just before her body was found. Holly went missing in 2011 and ever since that point, the local police were aware of the people that they believed to be her kidnappers. At the least, her killers should have been brought in on kidnapping charges earlier than 2014. There were multiple witnesses that were able to place Holly with these men and yet they were not brought in until evidence started coming in that she was indeed murdered.

  • Yes, Holly Bobo's alleged killers should have been brought to justice

    Justice should always be delivered as fast as possible in any situation. Justice delayed is justice denied. As such, rather than waiting for the body of Holly Bobo to be discovered for her to be given justice, the proceedings should have started immediately they were found to have a case to answer. It is only through dispensing such immediate justice that the perpetrators can pay for their mistakes.

  • Justice for Holly

    Holly Bobo's killers should have been brought to justice before the body was found. This is because there was no reason to wait for the finding. They had enough to get her case working and to make a final decision. But that is how these so-called justice systems work. They are too intent on giving leeway.

  • Holly Bobo's killers brought to justice at right time.

    Convicting without a body is just asking for a mistrial. I believe law enforcement did the right thing in waiting for the discovery of her remains. It would be a God awful shame if by some small missing piece they were set free without all the proper evidence. The remains are the key factor in prosecution.

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