Should Hollywood Undead be a more recognized band?

Asked by: MrV666
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  • Their a very unique band.

    Hollywood Undead should be more recognized due to the fact that there is no other band such as them. They combine rap and rock in ways that are unusual, but make you want to keep listening. They include many emotions into each song, whether it be partying or something rough.

  • I Think They Need A Lot Of Improvement

    Some of their songs and the things they talk about show immaturity. A lot of it in my opinion. I like some of their songs (Lion,I don't wanna die, etc) but I still think some of their songs are very immature, stupid, not good enough for mainstream, and depending on which ones we're talking about should have never been released. I love HU but some of their songs really, really suck.

  • Hollywood Undead Should Not be More Recognized

    No, Hollywood Undead should not be a more recognized band as they have not earned the right to be more recognized. Their music is subpar and in some cases borders on simple yelling and thrash rifts. When done by a more skilled band, this can work, but Hollywood Undead is not up to par.

  • Hollywood Undead is a niche band

    Hollywood Undead is a goth niche band, similar to Marilyn Manson. There just aren't enough goth people in the world for Hollywood Undead to be mainstream, or even more recognized. Marilyn Manson got a lot of attention, but probably because he was so creepy and his lyrics are really notoriously bad. Hollywood Undead does not lack due recognition.

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