• Home ec should be in schools.

    We do not need Science. Social Studies, Math and Language Arts. Okay we do, but we should still have other useful classes like home ec. Do you want to grow up not being able to sew a button on a shirt or cook a meal for your family? Home ec classes are just as important as the basic subjects.

  • Because it would teach a bunch of teenagers to cook if they are home alone.

    Also, I'm a kid who is writing this so i would like to learn how to do some of this stuff. So, when i grow up i can do it by myself. It would benefit people when they live in the dormitories, so they don't live in filth. Please consider this. Chicken Nuggets

  • Home Economics Should Be Mandatory In Schools

    Without a doubt, schools should require home economics for their students. At least one year of these courses would offer great benefits for thousands of students. Many people can't cook, clean up after themselves, or manage their home's budget as they grow older. With that in mind, a home economics course can teach a person to be self-sufficient, which is always desirable.

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  • Home Ec is Outdated

    Home Ec generally includes things like sewing and cooking and is an outdated class. Years ago people had to know how to sew, but now very few people sew because technology has made manufactured products cheaper and more readily available. Sewing, if anything, should be part of art class. Then cooking class could stand by itself and students could choose it as an elective if the want to learn to cook, but there is no need to make it a requirement.

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