• Of course they should. It is a job, after all.

    Home health care workers are doing a job, just as anyone else. One of my friends is a home health care workers. While she does get a bit of downtime when the person is sleeping, she also has to do things that many others wouldn't consider doing. The real question is, why shouldn't they be paid minimum wage?

  • More Than That

    Home health care workers should make more than minimum wage and absolutely not less. Home health care workers perform a variety of tasks and have a growing list of job responsibilities. They also have to furnish themselves a vehicle. If they can't get from home to home, they don't have a job. If they're employer doesn't pay enough then the job would even be sustainable.

  • health care workers

    Yes I do definitely agree that health care workers should at lease make minimum wage. If any body would at least make minimum wage than it should be the health care workers because they have a very important job that requires patience and also has a dangerous risk of being exposed to sickness.

  • Home Health Care Workers Have Unusual Hours and Working Conditions

    I have a home health care worker who comes into my home during the day and he makes more than minimum wage. However, in my state, workers who provide sleep cycle support are paid a flat rate, which is less than minimum wage. These workers sleep during their shift and respond to alarms. If no alarms go off, they are paid to sleep for eight hours. I think it is fair to make less than minimum wage for that.

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