Should home-schooling parents be required to have a degree or training?

  • Parents home-schooling children should be supervised and licensed while doing so

    Coming from a relationship, where my other half, and her siblings were home schooled, I do believe that there should be regulations, guidances, and licensing that should be put into place. She had been home schooled for a few years, then her parents gave up and never enrolled their children back in school. Therefore; she, and her siblings, have no degree. Thus, they cannot find a reliable, steady, and providing job in the adult world. As a family, the siblings are struggling, and the parents are to blame. This is happening in more than one instance, and way too frequently. Therefore, Parents who do not have a license, in my eyes, should be required to send their children to public school. If nothing else, but to give them the social life, and education they much deserve.

  • It should not be illegal to have a choice for education.

    Our children are not being raised to be smart in public schools, but they are being taught to be subservient and pass arbitrary tests that will get the schools grants. We can do so much better if people are raised to pursue whatever trades or arts that they can make a living on instead of and before heading to college to get a degree. Having parents with degrees and training is just going to lead to a similar form of teaching to what others receive.

  • No, leave them alone

    I know plenty of home-schooling parents without a teaching degree who do an excellent job of teaching their children. The children successfully pass all the tests, go to college early and excell there. Leave home-schooling parents alone. Don't create unnecessary hurdles for them. They are doing what public schools fail to do.

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