Should Homeland Security require that all riders of mass transit be subject to background checks, pat down searches, and ID verification?

  • Yes, if we want safety.

    It may be random and very sporadic and probably should be but anyone who rides on mass transit regularly should appreciate when Homeland Security checks out passengers because when you think of it, this is a very dangerous place to be in because you are locked on a train or subway with no recourse if there is a terrorist attack.

  • Yes, I believe Homeland Security should require that rides face extra security.

    It is unfortunate but in today's day and age our mass transit system must be protected with strict security methods, it is better safe then sorry if someone was to slip through with a bomb and kill people. While the extra security may inconvenience people I believe it is very necessary.

  • No, Homeland Security should not require ID verification, patdown searches and background checks for all riders.

    No, Homeland Security should only require pat down searches for mass transit passengers who exhibit a suspicious pattern of behavior. ID verification should not be required, and background checks are also excessive. Both of those are an excessive invasion of privacy, because mass transit is open to everyone, and no case has been made that this scrutiny is necessary.

  • No, because such behavior is an unconstitutional intrusion on our rights

    America is more than a collection of buildings, monuments, and
    highways that must be protected. America is a special country because of our
    Bill of Rights, which protects each person against the power of the state.
    Citizens cannot be deprived of their freedom of movement just because they get
    on a city bus. They must not be detained without good reason while background
    checks are run or Identity verified. Our safety is important, but we must
    safeguard our constitutional freedoms as well if our country is to remain an
    example to the world.

  • The anonymity that comes with mass transit is required

    In order to speed up the process of using mass transit, anonymity is required because to check everyone so rigorously would defeat the purpose. These checks would take too long. The access granted could not be properly monitored, so this entire operation would be worthless. The TSA is a perfect example of how this is not going to work. Even the airport screening areas without all the background info take too long and actually interrupt commerce.

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