Should homeless children have the right to education?

  • Education is a right for everyone.

    In the Bill of Rights it states that one of the rights for everyone is education and if that right is taken away then it is technically illegal. It's like saying that if you take away someone's right for food, water, shelter or any of those things, you could get arrested.

  • Anyone who says no is heartless

    It isn't the children's fault!

    Blame the parents! They're the ones responsible!

    What if that child was yours or you yourself when you were a small child?

    All children need education, regardless of what family they came from. If there is anyone to resent, it is the parents. Never the children.

  • All Children Need Education

    Regardless of a child's home or family status, education is important for the future of that child and society as a whole. Just because a child is homeless, which is no fault of theirs anyway, they should not be denied the same education offered to every other citizen. The homeless are still US citizens and more should be done to help, not less.

  • Yes, they should.

    Everyone whether they are homeless or rich they should be allowed to have an education. We as a community and the government should help those who are not fortunate get the supplies and money they need to receive a proper education. It is an important thing for everyone to be able to have.

  • Economical stand point

    I am going to get a lot of hate for this. However, their are situation where you have to make exceptions. First off, homeless people pay no taxes, thus logically should not receive the benefits of tax payers. If you are homeless and decide to bring a child into this world, you better be ready to provide for it and not rely on other people for help. However, this problem is case by case, some people encountered unfortunate situation and became homeless, but other are just down right lazy. You can't blame the child, however not everyone is born in the same economical background and that is a factor.

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