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  • Give them a place to sleep, then they will stop sleeping in public

    They can't help being homeless. They have no money, and no they can't just "Get a job" because nobody will hire a smelly homeless person. Give them a place to sleep.

    It costs less to give homeless people homes (and vouchers for food and shampoo) than it does to put them in jail. And it gives them stability so they can actually have a chance to get a job.

  • I think no

    I think no because is stupid because they are sleeping outside and its stupid because they don't have any money so why should they innocent people pay a fee after living in the streets and its sad sad because you cant help them so its very sad and i agree that they should not do this

  • No they shouldnt be

    Homeless people should be helped and allowed to build homes. Government should provide shelters for the homeless. They should take care of the basic needs to the poor. Subsidised food and medicine should be provided. Education can be provided. Fining them for sleeping in public will not do any good

  • No, homeless people should not be fined for sleeping in public.

    No, homeless people should not be fined for sleeping in public because they are unable to find shelter and will certainly not have the money needed to pay the fine. Instead of fining homeless people for sleeping in public, local governments need to ensure that the homeless have a place to seek shelter especially in the winter.

  • Where will homeless people sleep?

    No,homeless people should not be fined for sleeping in public. Many people around the world is homeless today. Specially developing countries people are more homeless than any other first world country. For example, Bangladesh is a developing country with millions of homeless people. If we start to fine homeless people than millions of people will be sufferer. Most importantly people are homeless because they don't have enough money to buy or rent home; how can we charge them fine?

  • Public Land Belong to the Public

    The public land belongs to everyone, and so it is not fair to charge citizens for making use of public space. The land belongs to everyone, including the poor. That said, if someone causes problems or treats others unkindly in a public space, this person might need to be remove. In short, yes, as long as they are not doing any harm to anyone else.

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