• They absolutely do!

    People who don't help the homeless at all either don't help them because they can't see past the homeless stereotypes, or they're just plain selfish in general.

    I wish our citizens would just be less ignorant and more sympathetic.

    The United States would be much, much greater if we were

  • Yes yes yes

    There homeless and they deserve better than what they have. They deserve warm food at every meal. They need a warm house when it's cold outside and a cold house when it's hot outside. They also need clean clothes and and a warm bed to sleep in. Yes yes yes they need help

  • Working for homes

    They should be able to work for their families and their homes to earn money and to be like people who work for their homes for our families they can't just have people build a home for them they should work for their money to build their homes
    so that is why i think no.

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