Should homeopathic medicine be an alternative to allopathic medicine?

  • Homeopathic Medicine Should be an Alternative

    I personally think that homeopathic medicine should be an alternative to allopathic medicine because homeopathic medicine is a medical philosophy and practice based on the idea that the body can heal itself. I personally think that allopathic medicine is a system of medical practice that aims to combat disease by use of remedies like for drugs or surgery.

  • Patients should consider all options.

    Yes, homeopathic medicine should be an alternative to allopathic medicine, because a patient should have all healthy and safe options available to them. Each treatment plan should be as unique as the person who is receiving it. They are both safe, but questionably ineffective, treatment methods, and they should be available to those who want them.

  • Homeopathic Medicine Not Proved

    I do not believe homeopathic medicine should be considered an alternative to allopathic medicine. Homeopathic remedies have been shown not to work or perform their stated results. Many believe that these medicines are labeled and sold to the public for mere profit thinking that some people are not smart enough to do the research to learn they truly useless.

  • Homeopathic medicine should be used in addition to allopathic.

    While I do understand the desire for some to be more natural in their desire to treat ailments, I do not believe that homeopathic medicines can be useful for treating major diseases like cancer and AIDS. I do believe they can be used in addition to allopathic medicines in treatment for major and somewhat serious diseases and conditions. I do believe for things like the common cold if someone would rather prefer to drink tea or take an herbal supplement instead of NyQuil that should be their right. But for anything beyond that, I believe they both should be used together.

  • It is not verified

    Homeopathic medicine is not serious science in any way, and people spending massive amounts of money on these treatments are essentially paying for placebo treatments. Modern medicine involves years, decades, centuries of refined and, more importantly, scientifically and experimentally verified treatments and cures, following a reasonable and rational scientific method.

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