• Two wrongs make a YES

    Homeopathic mixtures are useless snake oil but "energy medicine" is also a meaningless phrase. Therefore: sure! While you're at it, Healing spells can be considered as crystal enhancements; magnetic bracelets can be considered as chakra multipliers; and miasmic dilutions can be considered as horoscope modifiers. The world of the imagination is a truly versatile place!

  • Homeopathic Mixtures Use Body's Own Healing Abilities

    Homeopathic mixtures use the human body's own healing abilities in order to cure it from whatever ails the body. It's not necessarily an energy medicine because there are physical changes in the body thanks to the mixtures. Energy medicine doesn't use anything physical and instead works on aligning the invisible "chi" of the body.

  • No, homeopathic mixtures should not be considered energy medicine

    Homeopathy has a long and often negative history. I believe that there are many homeopathic mixtures which are efficacious and helpful, but I don't think they should be labeled as medicine because they are not regulated and there is no oversight in their preparation. Anyone can throw a few herbs and roots into a bottle and call it healing or energy-promoting. Until and unless there is formal regulation, homeopathic remedies should always be considered nothing more than panaceas.

  • Homeopathy is a fraud.

    Homeopathy is a fraud. There is no science to it at all. There is no evidence that it has or can ever work. Energy medicine is fraudulent too. It might give a patient a slight psychological benefit if they really believe, but no more than other positive activities like spending time with friends, family or a pet.

  • It is quack

    No, these mixtures should not be considered a type of energy medicine, because a lot of scientific studies have shown already that these types of medicines are quack, or completely fake. These medicines do not help to treat or cure any illness, and people who use these are not helping.

  • Are Not Effective

    Most medical professionals would be glad to tell you that homeopathic medicines do not work and any account that they actually do is the result of a placebo affect. These products are on the market because people are fool worthy enough to purchase them, sometimes on a regular basis. The should not be considered any type of medication.

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