• No risk is acceptable risk

    Although you might hope those who come up homeopathic products follow at least common sense in using ingredients that put the public health at risk, they are not really properly qualified to access that risk. Possibly, the combination of otherwise harmless ingredients is more toxic. They should not be exempt from the same regulation that probably more knowledgeable companies are subject to.

  • Nutritional Supplements Too

    Homeopathic products, in addition to vitamin and mineral supplements, should have some form of regulation by the FDA. Obviously, these products can't be regulated by normal drugs that have massive medical studies and clinical trials. There must be some consensus as to how to regulate these products that doesn't involve huge clinical trials that drive up costs.

  • No they shouldn't due to the freedom of self medicating

    Sure, self medicating is bad if you are popping pills left and right, but everyone has their very own "cold fix" or "ache remedy" their mother of grandmother used to swear by. Fact of the matter is, most of them work unless something is seriously wrong with your body. This is because it is all a mental game. Yes the body does heal its self, and if someone wants to self medicate or use home remedies is their own choice. Once it becomes regulated by the fda, it is then no different than a cold pill you buy from the store.

  • Makes no difference

    Homeopathic products should not be regulated because that would at legitimacy to the procedures and to the products they are selling. The FDA is far too heavy handed in their regulations of products and industries today already, there is no reason to give them more power and more over reach.

  • Yes, homepathic products can cause harm if left unregulated.

    Yes, homeopathic products should be regulated by the FDA. Any product that can have a direct impact on the treatment of medical conditions should be strictly regulated by the FDA. If following a homeopathic products recommendations, a person unaware that the product is homeopathic and unproven may have adverse health effects due to lack of knowledge. By regulating claims made by homeopathic products, the general public would be safer.

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