• Yes, but with better controls

    Homeopathic remedies should be sold in the US. There is some support for the use of herbal medicines and remedies, and some of our pharmaceutical products are based on plants and their properties. However as with other more regulated drugs, homeopathic products should be tested and held to standards to maintain their quality. Side effects and warnings should be prominently listed on the packages, and consumers should be able to rely on what they buy.

  • No Reason To Ban

    I believe homeopathic remedies should be sold in the United States. We don't have any cases of side effects or harm caused by these products. Unfortunately, they don't really work, so Americans are wasting their money purchasing them, but that should be enough to have the product pulled from the shelves.

  • Yes they should

    You may not agree with homeopathic remedies and the healing that they bring, but they should be sold. Consumers need to make their own decisions about what they buy and if it is good for them or not. I think they should be sold, but that they need to be properly labeled.

  • If they are effective then they should be sold

    Yes, I believe that homeopathic remedies should be sold in the United States. There are great natural substances that are good for different ailments and they should be utilized to the fullest. I believe it is healthier to use homeopathic remedies than the man made pharmaceuticals with whole list of side effects that may kill you faster than the illness that you suffer.

  • No, not without further restrictions.

    While I don't personally use them or endorse them, currently it's legal to sell homeopathic remedies. They are generally considered non-medical by the US government, so they aren't under the same restrictions as medications. I think this needs to change. Many claims are made on homeopathic medicines that aren't tried, tested, and true. I feel they should be required to be filed as medications, in which case they will be required to undergo testing and prove to be safe and effective. Until this happens, I feel they shouldn't be on the market.

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