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  • Ownership is subjective (ideological) while use value is objective (material). Communal or circumstantial of space is more beneficial than private proprietorship.

    Ownership wastes collective potential and individual time to pay off fees to merely exist or occupy a given space. Social mobility should allow peoples to not be subjects to private capital owners and instead organize based on use value or circumstance. Organized ownership consolidates power from peoples who rent property while they use it individually and collectively, therefore socialization should empower those in the majority and we can have dialogues on using certain contexts of owning homes. Home, they say, is where you make it.

  • No, that's nuts

    Homeownership makes a property get treated with more love, care, and pride. I can speak from experience when you're owning you care more than when you're renting, if you bust something renting it's "well guess I'm not getting my security deposit back" and it's out of your mind. Owning a home makes the property go up in value from improvements and general care, which is beneficial when it's passed on or sold.

  • No, it should be more easily available.

    Home ownership should not be discouraged, but instead encouraged and made more easily available to people at lower income levels. Renters are usually prohibited from making changes to a property, whereas home owners can plan and make improvements. One of the things that is important about this distinction is that home owners have an additional interest in life, fixing up and maintaining their properties rather than just sitting on the couch. Home ownership can add to mental and physical well being for people, and I believe that we should make homes of different sizes, not just these huge houses that hardly any one can afford. In "the old days" a small family just starting out could afford a small house, but that situation is now out of the reach of most people.

  • It is important to feel secure.

    I do not think that home ownership should be discouraged. I think that it is important for people (particularly in the United States, I believe) to feel like they have ownership of things, and this includes homes. A home can feel more like yours if you actually own it. A person and their family will likely feel more secure if they own their home.

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