• Yes, they should

    Homeschoolers should not have to pay into a system that they get no benefits from. It is hard enough for a homeschooling single mother to pay for the educational supplies (including curricula) so she can teach her own children. She should not also have to pay taxes that only go to make public schools more plush.

  • Yes, homeschoolers should get a tax break as they are educating youth.

    Homeschoolers are doing the job normally relegated to public schools, in educating children. This is very important for a country and its future. In doing this job they should be helped and rewarded with a tax break. This tax break could help better facilitate the home schooling and provide the child with better resources to learn.

  • Nobody gets a tax break!

    Homeschoolers should get no more tax break than childless couples as far as school tax goes. Even single people pay school taxes as part of supporting our society of which a quality education system is an integral component. Homeschoolers take direct advantage of the education funds by availing themselves to school resources to help educate their children at home. They do not get as much direct advantage as someone sending their child to public school but they certainly get more direct advantage than a childless couple who pays the same or more taxes.

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