• It is not necessary

    To think a parent can do a better job than someone who got their degree in teaching is absurd. Where does a the Average Joe Parent get the idea that they are better qualified than a teacher, who went to college and sat in on classes to get their teaching license, think that they are better at teaching.

  • I think it should be, yes

    I've never met a homeschooled person that was glad they were homeschooled, I've met several that regret it deeply and wished they had the chance to socially develop. Combine that with the fact that I know an extended family member that plans to homeschool her two kids, is an absolute idiot and is getting approval from the state to do so, it's time to ditch this practice. We shouldn't have people that dropped out of school in 7th grade teaching kids, and I know at least one instance that that is about to take place.

  • "Homeschooling" is tantamount to a mis-education, so ban it!

    While the quality of the education that students receive in public schooling is often questionable, there are at least some basic quality standards that have to be adhered to. The same can not be said for homeschooling. Most parents who homeschool their children not only do not have a qualification in teaching, but they also homeschool their children because they dislike how mainstream schooling has a "secular" tone to it.

    Christian supporters of homeschooling say that they are only teaching their children under the values that they hold. But when these "values" are not only grooming kids into a homophobic, backwards worldview, but teaching them information that is blatantly false (such as that the world is only four thousand years old, that dinosaurs and humans once co-existed, etc.) is the exact opposite of an education.

  • I was homeschooled - and I wish I wasn't

    There are a few exceptions, very few, but overall homeschooling should be illegal. It has pernamently damaged the way I interact with people, simply becuase I hardly know how. I'm always the "shy" dude in the corner, who may be book-smart, but isn't able to actually apply that knowlage when around others.

  • Children should not suffer from having unsuitable parents homeschooling

    I'm from Sweden and here the view is that children are their own individuals and should have the same education and chance in life regardless if your parents are addicts, nobel lauretts or religious fundamentalists. In short, homeschooled children would be great for some but terrible for others and since Sweden hates inequallity they chose to have mandatory education and keep the responsibility with the schools, not the parents.

  • Homeschooling can not, most of the times not bring professional light to all the subjects in the school system.

    In schools we have dedicated teachers with knowledge in their field of expertise, while a parent might be exceptional and being good in maybe four subjects, the majority of subjects is still left with sub-par treatment.
    Social interactions aside, (which might be good and bad in both cases) the schools do help prevent polarisation between ethnic, racial and religious demographics, as the child is likely to interact with these children without any heed to the demographic background, making it harder for them to take absolute statements that everyone of a demographic is at fault.

  • Its not right

    There are many reasons to argue for or against this but if you think about it, it should be illegal. The child wouldnt be able to get any real world experiences. They wouldn't understand how friends could betray you or stand up for you. They would most likely get distracted or lose focus quickly and its a strain on parents if they have jobs too.

  • Yes absolutely - I'm living proof of it.

    My mother caused my brother and I irreparable harm during a crucial developmental period in our lives. Because I had learning disabilities (auditory) my mother often became infuriated with me and began verbally abusing me - an act that would get any ordinary teacher canned in heart beat. As a result, even at the age of 30 I have serious social phobias and poor self esteem. Homeschooling also delays the social integration process - it isolates you. I believe that it is very important for the state to get involved with parents that attempt to carry this out. In fact, most get frustrated with the process and end up relinquishing their kids to the public/private school system in the long run - leaving the professional, credentialed teacher with a pupil of which he or she is completely unaware of their progress or circumstances. I hate to say it, but homeschooling is a very slippery slope.

  • School takes away the fun of learning!

    How can people say it should be illegal? It makes so many people happy. Kids aren't dumb because they do homeschooling! Homeschooling gives kids the time to either slow down or speed up with their learning ability. I was homeschooled my whole life and I am VERY successful in life. I have made MORE friends with homeschooling than public school, because I did not have the pressure to make friends so I wouldn't have to be 'weird'. Homeschooling you get to decide what you want to learn and learn it so there for you are picking you classes another thing those activities are available to you outside of school their are places you can go to learn how to play instruments , places that you can join soccer club , foot ball , dance etc so your opinion on it is invalid , also homeschooling is better for your future because your child is not exposed to all the dangers that come to public schooling such as bullying , at home you are safe , you feel safe and you can be your self not feel like you have to be dumb because if your smart your known as a nerd or because your not as smart as other class mates feel dumb because you can not learn at their passe you can learn are what ever level you are to help you feel more comfortable which in the end you want to expand you knowledge you do not feel any force.

  • It denies the child the formative experience of being surrounded by peers and colleagues.

    School is about so much more than education. It is about learning how to socialise with people, how to work with them, how to get the most out of them (in a positive way!), and also hopefully how to compete with them. In an environment where the child is isolated from this form of interaction, they will inevitably struggle later in life. I know that I would be a poorer person without the close friends I have from school, and that I wouldn't be as comfortable with new social interactions.

    It also concerns me that parents with extremist views would be able to impress these opinions on their children without any balanced opinions being presented. At least if the child is at school, they have the opportunity to hear dissenting views, not so possible at home.

    It would also concern me that many parents are not properly qualified to teach children, nor do they have the necessary experience, even if they are academically qualified. Certainly I wouldn't want a history graduate teaching me the mechanism of photosynthesis, for example.

  • Homeschooling should still be legal, but not recommended

    Homeschooling is one of the worst ways to teach children, but still shouldn't be illegal. With the way school is set up there are lots of cliques, gangs, drug distribution, harassment, the school environment has usually not been so good on teaching students morality. Homeschool prevents children from this environment, but takes the child away from a social life so homeschooling should be undermined, but not illegal.

  • What would the punishment be?

    There are instances where homeschooling has done wonders for some children. There are also instances where homeschooling has not done wonders for some children, whether it be socially or education - wise. However, the same could easily be said about public and private schooling. I believe that homeschooling should remain legal as it is a choice which can and has work(ed) for some. Plus, if homeschooling were to be made illegal, what would the punishment be for people who break this law and still homeschool their child(ren)?

  • Don't take away a parent's choice

    We have decided to pursue home schooling for our children. It gives them one on one education and allows them to choose what areas of study interest then the most and pursue those interests. Because it is accelerated study, it also frees up a lot of extra time for educational extra curricular activities such as science centres, museums, libraries, nature walks, etc. I could go on, but the bottom line is that if you so your research and have access to the appropriate resources, there is no reason why you shouldn't be allowed to home school your children. Just as a parent chooses the best school for their children, they should also be able to choose the style of education.

  • It's a needed outlet.

    Many school districts are unwilling or unable to do the right things by some students. It is just horrible to see when that happens. The outcomes we are concerned with are far more than test scores. Parents are ultimately responsible for their children. Homeschooling should be taking responsibility when needed.

  • It should not be illegal.

    Reciprocity is paramount in education. Students that attend archaic school systems to receive formal education are likely to get behind in their subjects and are less likely to make up their lost work. Homeschool students and instructors rely heavily on communication, thus this problem rarely ever presents itself.
    As a former high school and homeschool student, I favor homeschool over public education. Socializing is imperative in a developing teenagers' life- however, it definitely distracts from academic pursuits. I feel as though I have learned a lot more through the homeschool curriculum than I have through traditional schooling. Also, I managed to graduate a year early! Which is pretty awesome.

    Source: high school/homeschool alumni

  • Don't generalize, structured homeschooling curricula do exist

    My family lived in Mexico when I grew up. Good local schools were either prohibitively expensive or non-existent. My parents educated me to a 6th grade level and then enrolled me into an accredited American distance learning school. I self taught 7-12th grade on my own using a computer with an American teacher grading any answers requiring human input. I satisfied my need for social activities and PE by joining a martial arts class and volunteering for the red cross. It may sound hard to believe, but I graduated High School with a GPA of 3.98, managed to found and later sell a computer repair business that attracted over 1,500 customers between the ages of 15-19, and now moved to the USA to pursue a career in IT. If homeschooling were illegal in the USA, you would rob myself and many others of experiencing a very rich upbringing. With that said, what should be Illegal is depriving kids of an education by being negligent no matter if it is at home or at a school. The time, place, and manner of learning don't matter when good results are present and the child approves of his/her education.

  • It's all a matter of who is doing the teaching.

    I don't think it should be illegal. Yes it is true that in certain cases it can be isolating, but there are many Homeschooling co-ops and groups. Where families get together and teach. This way kids are interacting with other kids.
    That and, as I mentioned, It all depends on who the teacher is. My Mother taught myself and my two younger brothers. She was excellent in certain subjects and less so in others. So if we had trouble with a given subject she would find someone who could teach it better. No human is good at everything.

    Homeschoolers are always seen as severely isolated and/or out of touch with the real world. This is not true. My brothers and I have been exposed to far more than just what a public school could give us.

  • No, because with the state of schools now...

    Perhaps 100 years ago, I would have a different view, but watching my child get held behind in subjects, forced to work with groups constantly allows for no independent thinking. What is taught in school now is that answers are 'reached by a consensus of the group' and with no absolutes, math will stay 'fuzzy'. Not to mention the privacy violations that come with the new common core.

  • No way people.

    Some kids can't do work when the whole class ,or friends are being goofy all the time. The kids mom knows the child best. You don't have to be stressed over little things. Kids have the hardest time with peers. Please don't take away our freedom. We have a free country,so please don't take that away from us.

  • Couldn't do any worse.

    "To think a parent can do a better job than someone who got their degree in teaching is absurd. Where does a the Average Joe Parent get the idea that they are better qualified than a teacher, who went to college and sat in on classes to get their teaching license, think that they are better at teaching." Probably from former educators before the system started producing wage slaves.

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