• I don't like homework

    There is to much of it. Why do you need homework I get it helps you with learning but I think it is to much. What if you have to go to a football game or baseball practice for example you will have to do it later. I know you can do it at school but some people have other things to do.

  • Homework is trash

    I think schools should give kids no homework because homework is to much for kids to do and it cause stress and negative health effects.
    Research suggests that when students are pushed to handle a workload they get bad stress. In high school kid get even more stress when they get homework.

  • Often unnecessary!

    In relation to homework: In the ideal world I would not have it, But if it IS needed, It should only be the minimum required. The period after (and before school) is supposed to be free time, Where they can undergo whatever interests, Hobbies; friendships etc they desire. It should NOT be "taken over" by the school! The only homework which I can see is required is for things like extra research or revision (which can't really be done in school hours). Anything else: Why is it not part of the lesson? If it is that it can't be fit in, Then the lesson is clearly too demanding and probably not as necessary as would seem. Thanks!

  • It should be reduced.

    Kids are being tortured by the amount of homework! Imagine 10 pieces of homework a day! This makes kids unhealthy because they need to spend hours and hours slaving away! Plus, They have like 8 hours of school already! Now we have another 8 hours of homework? They need rest!

  • I think homework should not be reduced?

    No, I think homework should not be reduced. The reason homework should not be reduced is when you grow up you need to learn things if you want a job like what if you want to be a math teacher you won't be able to without learning you need to learn for a future job. An that is my prediction.

  • Should homework be reduced?

    I think that kids should not have homework becuase, "In general kids should not have homework because it puts a strain on the family unit, Puts too much stress on young people, And makes children dislike learning. The family structure in society today is diminishing. So many families have little time to spend together between after-school activities, Chores and homework". Researchers says this because they think kids having to much homework a week is hard on the parents and hard on the kids because it stresses them out to much when they get frustrated.

  • I don't think so.

    There should be a pathway for students who appear to hate school. I say appear because there do exist children who are mentally incapable of operating academic workload. This ranges from foreign immigrants within Western schools and athletic children who shirk academic subjects. These children cannot focus because their priorities are elsewhere but also because they are predisposed to their own cultural upbringing and expectations. Asians and Europeans expect their children to be smart and engage in intellectually demanding programs. Africans and Americans prefer their children to focus on athleticism and business profits. Homework should not be reduced. Instead separate academic students from non-academic students into different types of schools.

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