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  • Homework is Part of Life

    Homework should be a daily endeavor for students. After all, it is the job of kids in K-12 to get an education, first and foremost. The amount of homework can be reduced and children should have the weekend off. However, homework should be assigned daily in order to keep students' minds sharp and focused on becoming educated five days per week.

  • Yes, homework should be assigned daily.

    Homework should be assigned daily, or at least almost daily. Doing homework helps to reinforce the information that was learned during the class period earlier in the day. Without this reinforcement, the information might be lost, and some courses, like math and science, build upon themselves. It's important to have homework because it forces kids to study outside of class, and retain the information.

  • Yes homework is essential

    Homework is very important for education. It helps the teachers make sure that their students understood and can apply the things they learn in school. I don't think there should be a lot of homework daily but 15 minutes per class can be effective in the purpose of homework. Maybe give the weekends off.

  • Yes it should.

    Homework should be assigned daily, it helps students review what has been taught in class that day and better understand what was being taught. If there is something they do not get than they will figure out right away and be able to ask for help before a test comes up.

  • Yes, it makes students responsible.

    Yes, homework should be assigned daily, because it teaches students to be able to get work done. Students learn to make time in their evening activities to get their homework done. Students also have their sense of accomplishment, because they can take pride in finishing the work that is assigned to them.

  • Keep the work in school

    Kids, with their everyday school life, already have a minimum of seven hours of productivity in school already. I see no point in having them working on the same thing when they get home too. A kid should be able to do what they want to in their own house. Not do something teachers force them to.

  • Every other day!

    I think that homework should be assigned but not daily. We should have off some days to be able to relax and regain focus for the following day. Not everyone gets what is being taught in class, so homework is helpful in some cases. In others they understand what is being taught so they shouldn't have to do homework on something they understand already.

  • It helps people be educated

    If there was no homework people would not be so educated and next generation would not be smart enough to make better inventions and they would fall back into the caveman age or the 19s or something like that anyways that is why homework should be assigned so yeah guys.

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  • Homework should not be assigned daily but should be assigned.

    Many variables depend upon this discussion. The degree of choice that is allowed, the deadline, the purpose of the homework, the type of homework, the individuality of the homework, and the amount you get. If homework is not assigned everyday, then students will not be as stressed as they could be if they are struggling in school. Students will eventually stop doing home work if they are too stressed. Students will also not be able to give as many excuses, which I'm sure is good for the teachers, I know my teacher doesn't like excuses. Students will not be allowed to say "I did not have enough time". The quality of the homework could also go up depending on the productiveness of the student.

  • It is ridiculous

    The whole point of homework is for the student to practice what they've learned in school. Lets assume that a high school student has four classes a day with three assigning homework and generally homework takes about a half hour or more to complete all together that adds to about an hour and thirty minutes plus another hour thirty which adds up to three hours school is about 6 hours long in the US that's literally thirty minutes per homework of things they gotten conceptually in school already these are all conservative estimates not including essays, lab reports, and book reports

  • Homework should not be assigned daily.

    Homework should not be assigned daily. I think homework is just a way to keep our children busy outside of the school system. If teachers were more productive during the class time that they were given throughout the year then there would not need to be daily homework. The only homework that should be assigned should be for absent kids and working on special projects.

  • I don't think that it is necessary

    Hw is to help kids practice what they learned in school. I think that if they spent more time on important subjects and less on the extra-curricular's. If that happened then hw would be less necessary and kids would have less stress in their lives. Then everyone is happy and kids have more free time to do the things they love<3

  • We shouldn't have it if there are any other leftover assignments.

    I am a high school student and having homework everyday would definitely build up a lot of stress. I have four courses, each 75 minutes each weekday and most of them are at a university level. If I were to have homework, everyday, from each course including projects and essays, any student would crumble under the stress and sheer work they would have to do. I think a course should have homework when there aren't any projects or essays to be completed for that specific course. Any homework should be kept at a minimum since each course has different workloads and if one were to have difficult courses for the full semester, they would be overwhelmed with the work load and break from the stress.

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