Should homework be assigned nightly and over the summer?

  • Homework Is Important

    I believe that homework is important and I believe it helps retain information covered in the classroom. I believe if the material covered during class warrants nightly assignments, then by all means those assignments should be given and completed by the student. I think homework during the summer can be helpful, but I think it would be better for parents to review with kids, rather than having an assignment to turn in at the beginning of the school year.

  • Yes and no.

    Homework should be assigned nightly, but not over the summer. I think if it is assigned over the summer the chances of it getting done is slim because the students will forget about it and that just ends up hurting their grades which isn't fair to do over a long break.

  • Summer homework should not be allowed.

    Summer homework should not be allowed because summer is supposed to be a break from school. I don't understand why teachers say that we will forget information over the summer. I mean if you don't ride a bike for two months do you forget how to do it. No, most people would not. Even if we do forget some of the information the teachers could just have a short review, and if the students still don't remember it after that it is probably because it was not taught well enough.

  • I don't think kids should have homework

    I don't think kids should have homework because it causes a lot of stress especially if you can't get it done, i am a 7th grader and i get stressed out if i get assigned homework like last night i was assigned 52 math problems and i got an 80 because i didn't have time to finish all of them and in my school an 80 is a C-

  • Kids are way too stressed

    Kids get way too stressed when doing homework, this is because kids might not get what to do when at home. This is going to result the kid/kids cheating and copying off of each other. The rare occasion is that the kid/kids might go to the teacher for help, and I would know, I'm in 8th grade.

  • We have enough homework to begin with

    Kids have a lot of homework, more than most countries. France even banned homework and they still have a better education system!
    Homework is boring for people who already know the stuff and confusing for those who don't and is only useful for people who don't making kids do it in summer is simply redundant!

  • Students need time off

    Everybody in the world needs time off from work and students aren't any different. A lot of us in the adult world don't have to take our jobs home with us, and we shouldn't expect this of people who are still physically and mentally developing. Everyone needs a little leisure to discover themselves.

  • Homework should not be assigned nightly or over the summer.

    Homework should not be assigned nightly or over the summer. If we can not teach our children while they are in school for eight hours everyday then something is wrong. We should not load our students down with homework every night. We should only assign homework when class is missed or a special project or something.

  • No it shouldn't.

    Only schools that are year round should have homework in the summer. Otherwise, a student should never be given homework over summer break. It is called summer break because it is just that, a break! Students need downtime too! Homework should also not be assigned nightly. It should only be assigned when needed.

  • There need to be practical limits

    Homework is important, but there are times it's not practical. For example, you can't give homework the night before an exam because the students need to be able to study for the test. This means you can't give out homework nightly.

    Giving out homework over the Summer is completely impractical. How would you know which classes the kids are in? Do they turn it in daily, or do they hand in a packet on the first day of school? Who are we going to pay to grade all this extra homework? What if a kid moves in July? It just wouldn't work.

  • Homework, not as useful as you think

    I understand that homework, may get you thinking about what you learned that day when you go to sleep, then you learn better,but it is not worth the trouble. There are some kids that are struggling to have a normal life, while there are piles of homework stacked on top top of their plate. SO NO.

  • Summer is a time for fun.

    Summer is not for homework!!!! It is a time for fun not found during the school year. To have fun at the pool, hang out with friends, and chill. Homework is helpful but it should not be overdone or kids will lack motive and be tired and less productive in the long run.

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