Should homework be banned due to negative effects

  • Yes I hate homework

    Homework causes a lot of stress whenever students start doing it ok if we banned homework then kids and students would not have a lot of stress and they would not be tired ok ok ok ok ok ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok ok bye bye

  • Yes its not needed

    First of all students shouldn't need homework and if they do its the schools fault for failing to teach them. Secondly when student are higher than 5/6th grade the just will start finding ways to do there homework without putting work, Especially if they don't understand the material. In places that don't have homework grades are higher. Perhaps some students do benefit from it (I personally never did it just stressed me out) but then it should be optional and by doing that you're giving student space to grow in their curiosity to learn instead of simply making students to do something that they don't want to do/ are too busy to do (because people have lives outside of school)/ don't understand. And for all of these reasons its also silly to grade students on this

  • No more homework

    Homework is just a recap of what you did that day. If I wanted to redo what I did I would get my mom to tell me or study my notes or literally anything other then homework. Homework also just ruins time I could use to go outside or play with friends.

  • Home should be banned

    Homework can lead to many bad effects, even more then good effects for example stress,depression,sleep deprivation ,suicide, and many other problems.Homework is certainly exercising your brain.The little area of hatred for things. Plus if kids have homework piling on them how will they ever socialize with other children? Tell me

  • Homework is necessary for learning to occur.

    The purpose of homework is to reinforce material students have learned during a day. Plus, homework is also a way for many teachers to understand a student's weaknesses; it allows teachers to plan for lessons accordingly. Furthermore, homework also teaches a student responsibility, which is a crucial skill in the 21st century.

  • Homework helps the brain

    Many study's show that kids who don't have homework decrease their learning and their grades go down rapidly. When the kids have homework then they are able to keep up with what needs to be learned. This helps to provide more education for the child and refreshes their memory while they are at home. If they do not do work at home, they are less likely to remember what they learned.

  • Homework helps kids learn

    Homework gives kids extra enrichment that they can't get at school. It also allows them to work at their own pace, which is usually unacceptable in the classroom. However, homework is only helpful if the right amount is given. Teacher just handing kids 10-page packets of who-knows-what for homework (yes, i had a teacher who did that) doesn't benefit the student at all.

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