• Homework should be banned

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  • Dis three words

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  • No more homework

    Learners with difficult socio-economic backgrounds often have to do more than just be learner. In South Africa we even have child headed families. Others have to work after hours and often find it difficult concentrating in class. The mountain of homework learners need to complete just adds to their frustration. Which in turn can lead to dropouts. More stimulating interactions are needed in classrooms which will in my view motivate learners to attend school on a regular basis.

  • No more homework

    I am doing an assignment on this and of course it should be banned . Children need their rest . Homework deprives them of sleep . Look at me right now , in will probably be doing this until late at night and I should be probably sleeping at this point

  • No more work

    Homework can affect grades and health because as a 6 the grader it's hard getting test corrections projects an more while still trying to get a good amount of sleep while having to practice an instrument can be tiring and can leave me to wake up at 5or4 just to study and can affect health by not giving enough rest and exercise while giving a headache

  • Homework should be banned

    I think homework should be band because it causes people stress and your in school for 7 hours which is plenty of time to have completed your work and you need time to spend with your friends and family, children need at least 8 hours sleep its not fair ah

  • Homework should be banned

    It should be banned because it causes stress to students, schools in Finland doesn't require students homework therefore they are having more time to rest and spend more time with families and friends and after ALLLLLL that they have the smartest people there! Schools should require homework class in school;)

  • No More H.W

    If we get anymore homework...My heads literally gonna explode. Homework is just toooooooo much! Its like having a cake. If you put the right amount of sprinkles on the cake it will even out the flavors. But if you put too much sprinkles on the cake, it will overpower the cake. That's something to think about.

  • Homework....Because Seven Hours of School Was Not Enough

    I have a teacher and I took her opinion on homework and here is what she said: “My daughter plays soccer but she also has homework and she can’t balance out soccer and homework. She has soccer at 5 all the way till 7. After she gets home she quickly goes and eats her dinner and then she goes straight to her room to do homework. Sometimes she’ll stay their till 11:00”

  • Too much time

    Homework takes away time that people should use to spend time with family which is wrong which i why i am saying about i don`t do it. It also means that the student might not get any sleep which then means that they will not be 100% the next day. So that is why i think it should be banned.

  • Homework shouldn't be banned

    Homework is great cause it can help you learn stuff.It really helps childrens learning.Therefore homework is great for children.It is just really great and aki tajima agrees with me.He said"I love homework, because of it I cant play games!"Im out of words so yeah im typing random stuff right now.

  • Not at all !

    As a student, I think homework SHOULD NOT be banned, because it helps us study and learn the information for our tests or exams. But not too much because if there is too much, students don't have time for other activities such as music lessons or sports. So I say yes, we need homework, but not too much. (When I say homework, I mean what we didn't have time to finish in class)

  • A recipe for lower standards of attainment

    School hours are very short relative to the ground that has to be covered. If tuition covers the expected levels, it is most probably a rushed affair with the pupils unable to assimilate the knowledge and achievement for proper understanding and mastery. Teachers repeat ad nauseam that teaching duties go beyond school hours and they have to spend hours at home in lesson preparation to cope. The same argument applies to learners.
    Charles Mizzi

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  • Should homework be ban?

    Homework should not be ban because we need homework to help us learn and also we need it so that we can get better grades and also get better at things like science and math. If we don't have homework we wont accomplish what the teacher wants us to accomplish.

  • Basically it is the part of education

    Homework helped us a lot in recalling all that we have studied all the day so i m in favour of homework and i suggest all of them that are not in favour of home task should get interested in home task because we cant escape through it either we like or dislike.................... Thanks

  • How else do kids get A's

    Kids go to school for an average 6 hours, come back and do what, nothing? How do people achieved their dreams in this world? Hours of practice and practice, and no practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. Most kids forget what they learned at school that day. Homework is a way to reactivate that information. Without homework, what would they learn, how would they advance, what would the results on the tests and quizzes look like? Not very good for sure.

  • Teaches one time management

    People are saying that homework affects family time and extra cirricular activities but its up the student to plan out their work and have an organized schedule. If they put in the effort then they won't have these problems. If there is no homework everything will come easy and they won't work hard for their studies and will eventually get dumber.

  • Nothing to do

    Kids wont be able to practice the things they need for tests and things. Also they wouldn't be able to do things in school. If you think about it, most of the things you do in school have to do with the homework you did last night or a few nights before. They could make school days longer but they would then have to pay for the teachers and then students wouldn't really get any free time after school especially if they do after school activities

  • It helps you be prepared in life

    Well what I think is that homework shouldnt be banned for school because it helps you be prepared for life and get a better future and get a better job than working in mcdonalds or something like that instead of that you can be an architect or a lawyer yeah

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