Should homework be banned in schools worldwide?

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  • Annoying and most

    Students have after school clubs and sports and other commitments. School takes up 6 hours of a childrens day and that is enough. Children also need a life outside of wirk where they can play with friends and have some family time. I really think homework shoulc be banned for good.

  • Homework is unneeded.

    Homework. It is a very controversial topic, with some people saying that it is essential to learning, while others say that it is unneeded and should be banned. I have to say; the latter is more convincing. Although homework is said to give students a chance to review their class work, it is always possible to do that in school. Also, homework puts pressure on many students, and deprives their learning. How exactly does homework do this? Well, on top of homework, students also study for tests, do extracurricular activities, and sleep. When teachers assign homework, this just adds to the heavy load that they already carry. The worry and stress from having to finish all these things makes students less focused, and lowers their grades, health, and overall well-being. In addition, school is for students to learn from professionals, and do other things, such as sports and extracurricular activities. If students are given homework, it takes away from the whole point of school. If schools are going to give students homework, why not let everyone get home schooled? Its basically the same thing.

  • All school work should be done at school

    Children spend 7-8 hours in school everyday. All school work should be done at school. Children do not want to come home and work on my school work. I think it is ridiculous that a child comes home from school and has to do 2 more hours of homework after they come home from school. Some of the schools now give way too much homework now. I think it children did not finish their school work, then it should be sent home as homework. Only homework children should have is to study and to read.

  • Nothing gained or learned

    Many people see disadvantages in homework - it can increase negative attitudes to school and motivation, lead to cheating and copying and increase divisions between children from different backgrounds.
    Recent studies suggest that parents who spend hours helping their children with homework may be misguided. One found mothers' help had no effect on children's achievement. Another, from London University's Institute of Education, suggested that middle-class parents who help with homework may worsen family tension by comparing siblings

  • NO, that is stupid.


  • Maybe some should

    I do not think that all homework should be banned from school. Sometimes I believe that some homework should be banned because it is a lot of work and kids are gone all day at school and some have stuff after school. A lot of kids don't have the tools to get work done at home either. Overall I don't think that all homework should be banned, just some.

  • No it shouldn't.

    Homework is an important part of education. The only way students will perfect their skills is by going home and practice what they learned. Homework does not have to be anything lengthy, it can be short and simple. It is important for teachers to see if students can do it on their own.

  • Homework is important

    Homework is very important for the student, it helps him to understand the material well..
    And important for the teacher to know the weakness points founded in students.
    Also. Homework prepares students for exams and be able to answer the exam. In my point of view, homework shouldn't be banned.

  • Why should it be banned?

    Its supposed to test whether or not we are able to complete our schoolwork on our own, and it teaches us responsibility. Most people in my grade would probably love for it to be banned, but in my case, I actually want to know if I'd b able to complete my work without a teacher holding my and the whole time.

  • Grades, responsibility, and

    Honestly, homework may be awful, but it is also very helpful for your grades. As long as it doesn't take hours and hours every night. Students need to be responsible and get it done. Homework can help your bad grade, and catch you up on things. Homework is a good thing.

  • That's just repugnant

    With the risk of sounding old fashioned, how are kids able to then recollect and revise what it is they had just learnt - be it a week, month or even several months ago. Despite me hating them when i was younger i knew and still know they serve a clear purpose. They are just a significant as the educational systems themselves

  • Banning homework is a plan for disaster.

    Homework that is used to supplement education is a good thing. It helps children who don't learn well inside of the classroom environment and in many cases allows them time to internalize what they have been taught. However, homework that is given because of an inadequate educational system is bad in that it makes the parent (or caregiver) the primary source for information. When that person may or may not be able to properly convey the reasoning needed for "learning" to occur.

    Not all families are cohesive and not all individuals are intellectually capable of teaching. On the same note, not all children learn well in a school environment. As an example, kinesthetic learners need more than just audio/visual stimulation in order to learn. Not all classroom education is able to provide this within the confines of a normal school day.

  • Yes and No

    Please answer this question!!! If both yes and no, please select no and type YES AND NO as your supporting headline. I believe both since children need a break, but the pace of learning would be much slower without it.
    Thanks sooooo much! This means a lot to me.

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