• Home work should be banned

    Home work should be a banned because it can course to high stress levels that can last for a very long time. It can also effect everyday life for children and teenagers. It has also caused some students to start thinging about suicide thaughts. Hiem work should be banned it can also cause waight loss it you do it for to long!

  • If school isn’t a place to sleep, Home isn’t a place to study.

    Despite going to school 5 days a week we still go home and have school work to do, I can’t escape school even at my house. From the minute I get in until I’m at school again the next day my mind is bombarded with school work or something going on within school. School work is a complete waste of time and therefore should be banned.

  • Homework is very time consuming

    Homework is a very time consuming part of life, This is time that could be much more spent developing social skills, Physical activities and Making sure sleep is very consistent. It is also shown that homework can cause a number of problems such as anxiety, Depression and trouble in confidence which maybe the cause of a due date or the difficulty. I believe that children should use all their brainpower during school and be able to relax when they are otherwise not at school. Thank you for understanding

  • Obviously yes, Nothing else to say about it.

    Homework right now is my main source of stress and doesn't have any impact on school at all. If teachers are giving us homework for revision, Why not revise us in lessons? If we had revision in lessons more often, Then the average age of depression wouldn't be 15. In the 1960s the average depression age was 29. Now it is 15. According to a news article, It is easier for teachers to think of a lesson without marking homework. So, Obviously yes. It would have it's benefits socially and mentally.

  • Homework should be banned

    It put too much stress on students especially when doing their exams and most the time the teachers don’t mark it!
    And it takes over 4 hours a day plus revsion time and you can do things you enjoy like hobbies such as fishing,cycling and many more
    And it does not help with your GCSE and adds unnacessary pressure on students and their parents

  • It has Pros and Cons

    Yes it can put added stress on children and should most definitely be reduced during exam times when students are revising but at other points during the year it is en essential tool for teachers to see if students can understand the work outside of the classroom and that they revise the subjects that they have been taught.

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