• Homework want to be banned.

    I sleep at night ai 12pm because of homework. Its so stress our mind and body. I finish homework at night 9pm. And teachers cannot understand us. We cannot spend time with family and friends. We cannot look phone because of homework. And i think homework should be banned nationwide.

  • Home work should be banned

    It is a proven fact that homework causes stress towards kids and therefore causing them to lose sleep. When I was in the fifth grade my little neighbors would come over my house every day to ask me if I wanted to play but I remember I barely ever could because of homework. I was always crabby when I did my homework because to get a good grade I was requred to do my homework. I did not have to do it every night if I wanted a bad grade but I strived for good grades therefore havaeing to do my homework.

  • Homework can create a lot of stress. My opinion on a policy:

    I believe homework should be banned nationwide with a certain policy. Since it creates a lot of stress on kids I believe that the first 5 hours of school should be classes then the last hour they should give us a chance to finish all our homework. The last hour is optional if you want to get picked up early at the 6th hour or not. Its your choice. If you do not finish your work in the 6th hour you do it at home or at school in the first 15 minutes. If it is not banned I believe it should be lowered as homework does help you prepare for your classwork, but students work really hard at school and another load on our backs can affect our actual grades. But I say yes homework should be banned or at least let the homework policy change.

  • It is just pointless.

    I believe that homework should be banned internationally, honestly. I've been staying up until 3-4AM for one entire months due to homework and my grades are actually dropping. Also, we spend 5-7 hours at school per day, and that should be enough work. But cramming more work into our head just gives us more stress, and can lead to many health issues.

  • Yes, homework should be banned nationwide.

    I believe that homework should be banned nationwide. Kids work hard at school all day. They don't need to have homework at night. At night they should be able to relax and watch TV. Or, they should be able to go to sports practices or other activities. There is more to life than school work.

  • Um yeah it should be

    I think so. You go to school to learn. It's school. If anything work should be done in class. I hated having to take home 50 assignments do the next day. School shouldn't be taken home to be done. It's stupid and pointless because most people don't do it anyways. Schoolwork should be done in school and the majority of teachers just ass out assignment without even teaching anything so they don't have to really do their job. Someone should be able to go home and rest and spend time with family instead of still doing school work even after school is over.

  • Homework was proven to have no academic value

    "t may surprise you, as it did me, to learn that no study has ever demonstrated any academic benefit to assigning homework before children are in high school. In fact, even in high school, the association between homework and achievement is weak -- and the data don't show that homework is responsible for higher achievement. (Correlation doesn't imply causation.)

    Finally, there isn't a shred of evidence to support the folk wisdom that homework provides nonacademic benefits at any age -- for example, that it builds character, promotes self-discipline, or teaches good work habits. We're all familiar with the downside of homework: the frustration and exhaustion, the family conflict, time lost for other activities, and possible diminution of children's interest in learning. But the stubborn belief that all of this must be worth it, that the gain must outweigh the pain, relies on faith rather than evidence."


    It's not needed.

  • Homework is good

    We need homework otherwise we'll have people like you who can't spell homework, or banned.
    It's funny how on one side we have people who fight for education, so that they can make an impact in the world and in their own lives, mainly in impoverished, third-world countries. And then we have people who have education handed to them on a plate, all they have to do is put the required effort in, but they don't.
    Tell me one thing that can be gained without any effort.
    It's a no brainer

  • No homework is needed in school

    Homework should not be banned in any schools. It is an important part of education. Giving too much homework should be banned but 15 minutes per class is fair. Homework allows teachers to see if students are grasping what they learn. In turn it helps students know what they need to learn still

  • Homework is needed to keep students learning.

    Isn't it a little ironic that most of the arguments I see for the banning of homework typically contain enough spelling and grammatical errors to make an editor weep? Homework is needed because there aren't enough hours in a school day in order to get everything done, and students need to expand their knowledge beyond the classroom.

  • Homework Assists Learning

    I believe it sad to think that students do not realize the importance of the home work that they are sent home with. Homework is intended to help you remember and recall the information you have learned during school. Or it may be used to help you gain more knowledge about a topic before discussing it. Homework helps you learn, it is part of the process.

  • No,homework should not be banned nationwide.

    No,homework should not be banned nationwide.Homework plays an important role in the everyday life of students of all ages.It teaches students a sense of responsibility that is hard to replicate later in life if not already learned.It teaches that not everything in life is fun and that if hard work is put in it pays off in the end.

  • Homework is Good Discipline

    Children need to learn academic skills like reading, writing, and mathematics. They also need to be able to practice those skills. Since they cannot really practice them in the real world until they grow up and get jobs or have further schooling (colllege or trade school), they need to practice these skills in homework.

  • Homework enables students to extend their learning outside of the class room and improves independent learning to some degree.

    As a year 11 student myself with a school that has a strict homework policy I know what it's like to do a lot of homework. I usually get around 10 pieces of homework a week compared to my friend at another local school who gets 3. The fact is as much as I hate doing homework it has helped me to boost my independent learning skills.

    For students that have aspirations to go to university and obtain a degree independent learning skills are big and they are going to have to learn to deal with the large amounts of work that they shall get whilst at uni.

    This is something that I was considering until I managed to get a technical apprenticeship with Rolls-Royce plc. The fact is that if you study hard inside and outside the class room, doing homework to a high standard and going further to extend your learning you shall stick out and hopefully do well in those all important exams.

  • No but it needs to be lowered

    Homework helps prepare for class time and tests and such. It helps a student get the best out of their education.... Though homework is a bit overboard mostly. To come home from working to have to do more work is a bit ridiculous. There should be a limit to how much a teacher should give or something, like 3 times a week at the most. Yes it would make the work of a teacher a bit more complicated but it should be about the student, that's the purpose of school. To better the student. And sometimes homework can get to a point of making a student lose their sanity...

  • Homework encourages to challenge an individual's brain.

    Homework. The word with 8 letters may be horrifying and disgusting to many of the students around the world. In reality, homework encourages students to challenge their brain, increase organizational and time management skill. Believe it or not, homework continues to be a significant impact in boosting an individual's level of confidence. In conclusion, parents and teachers should continue to encourage their children to complete their homework on time and the topic of banning it worldwide shows how the majority will be ignorant, uneducated and drastically illiterate.

  • Homework should only be banned if we want our grandchildren to die in a backward, illiterate, poverty-stricken colony of some other nation.

    The reality is that most of what is basic to the curriculum is not knowledge or understanding, but skills. All of mathematics, reading, writing, scientific thinking, creative thinking, art and music (where they have not been cut) and historical analysis are all skills. Skills take practice, which means homework.

    Now, as a former teacher, I agree that there is far too much homework assigned, but that is mostly because the state and federal curricula focus too much on knowledge, instead of skills, and because kids who do not master them at grade level are allowed to advance to the next grade.

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