• Yes homework should be compulsory

    There are numerous reasons like :-
    1) It binds the students at home to complete the task given which could enhance his or her ability.
    2) It is the task given by the experienced one which could be very helpful for us.
    3) It is the revision of the whole day that a child have learnt as revision is more important and easy way to excel in life.
    4) It develops students writing and learning skills.
    5) Homework could be of doing the task practically also which is a real key to success as practical knowledge is better than bookish knowledge.


  • Homework is Ineffective

    Some students need help on things - they need to do the homework to keep up with the curriculum.

    But for others, Homework merely wastes their time, Preventing them from doing something enjoyable, And quite possibly educational.

    Those that don't struggle with school curriculum would do better if they could spend time on what they wanted instead of wasting it on busywork.

  • No, Homeword takes so much time

    Even if it is called homework I think that teacher do not realize how much homework gets piled up on top of a student. For example, I do competitive sports and its almost like I have to choose if I want good grades or be good at my sport. My only day off I then have around 5 hours of homework even though I'm in seventh grade.

  • No, Homework should not be compulsory.

    There is a time for learning, As well as a time for taking off. Sure, Some may argue that homework may very well only take thirty minutes to an hour, But what if school gets out late in the day, And the student then doesn't have time do do what they want? With said thirty minutes, They could practice an instrument, Spend time with family and friends, Or very well read or play video games, All of these things improving their skills (though video games I will admit is just good for stress relief. )

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