• Homework is important for students

    It can help you know more about the things you are learning, but too much homework is not so good because it is also important to spend some time with your family and friends too.

    The benefits of having homework are, it can help you with lots of things like improving your skills or mastering your lessons. Homework can also help you review your learning from school, and homework is all important for teachers too, so they can know if you understood the topic you're learning, so that they can help you improve.Also, it makes you a more responsible person.

  • Homework should given to whole students in whole school

    Because student can be confused a thing that they learned from school so homework is same with reviewing the things that we learned from school if we don't we will forget What we learned in school homework are good for students because I don't want to forget a things that I learned from school.

  • Homework can help you with upcoming challenges like test or Exams.

    Homework can help you with education skills and help you be smarter and it might help you in the Future with business.Also any teacher and parents wold be proud of you went you get a good grade on anything.But at the same time do get homework everyday.It can be stressful.

  • Sure,Not every day.

    I think that kids should have homework to review from class because some children don't listen in class and then when there is a surprise test.I think we need it but not every day! I think we should get 3 activities on Monday and return it on Friday so, that students don't have to worry about getting it all done because some students go to bed early and don't have time to finish it.

  • Homework should be given!!!!!!!!!

    Homwork should be given because it will rivew things that we learned in class and they might forget about what we learned.It won't make you bored when, you have nothing to do in classroom.Homework will allow family to be closer when, we ask question and techers too because teachers can fix their probllems.

  • Because I said so.

    Maybe homework in moderate is good, because sometimes children need practice for harder schoolwork. Also because I said so :P -Billyyyyy
    P.S Too much of anything isn't good for you. However you should give homework related to the subject the classes are studying, Otherwise it would be useless and random.

  • Yes but not everyday

    Because when you do a lot everyday you get stress and you sometimes you don't get you don't have enough sleep but having homework not everyday you stay same and you don't get a lot of stress also you won't be worry about your homework. We should choose three homework a week from a sheet and hand it in on the last day.

  • Homework is important because

    Well homework should be given because it improves you writing skills and you can learn lots of things from it another reason is because it allows you to review your stuff what has been covered in class .Homework actually improves your thinking skills how you ask well in homework you have think and to solve the answer. Homework should also be given everyday because they should understand everything just encase of a pop quiz or surprise test

  • Habits taught by homework

    Homework checks our ability if we can do something.If there is no homework, how would the teachers come to know about our character. I even wonder about what would the students do if theres no homework. Would they play all the time?Of course not, most of the teenagers would not support this statement and later if there are any surprice tests, they would be forced to cheat from the so called"bright students" and this habit would remain in their souls till the end of their lives.

  • No cause its just a waste of time

    No cause e its just of waste of time and no likes homework and it sucks and you need to spend time doing other things like having to to your brothers soccer practice and it does not even help you and that's why we go to school to learn so there is no reaon for homework

  • It depends on the student.

    I believe that homework should not be given to students because they spend to much time on it. I understand that teachers may what repetition, but what about classwork! I would gladly trade in homework for classwork. If a student completely understands a topic, then why spend so much time learning it, when they already know it? If a student doesn't understand a topic, they should get a small amount of homework, no more than 15 problems.

  • Not our current version of homework.

    The current version of homework is very faulty (i'm only talking about the United States public schools). Memorization is not the best way to solve problems. Anyone can do something 10 times and memorize it, it's not very hard only time consuming. But once something is tweaked just a tiny bit, students panic and don't know what to do. Our homework should not be about memorization, it should focus on skills needed for critical thinking and problem solving. In math students are forced to do memorize the same problems over and over yet do not get anywhere. If they couled just obtain the tools needed to solve these problems we would all be better off. So in conclusion, homework should still be given out but there should be less of it and it should revolve around building skills in a certain area.

  • No homework for us

    It takes up time for all of the children who have sports or other extracurricular activities during the day. Like for example: i have practice from 5:30 to 8:00 and I am in middle school! No time for homework yet we still get it every single day and it kills us.

  • No homework for kids

    If kids do not get homework then they can spend time with there parents. After school, They need to refresh there brain and bodies cause they get overwhelmed with school. Kids do deserve time on there Xbox's because of this reason's THEY NEED TO BE FREE FROM SCHOOL IT IS JUST LIKE JAIL BUT THEY MOVE AROUND MORE THAN IN JAIL

  • Homework should only be given to students who are struggling.

    If a student understands what they are learning and doing, It makes no sense to overwork them more. 6-8 hours of schoolwork is already a lot, Especially if a student has sports, After schools activities, Chores, And anything else that takes away from their own time. Homework should be an option for kids who understand it, But not decided by the teacher. If a student wants to be successful, Then they will do the homework and participate in class. If they don't understand or are being lazy, Homework should be given.

  • Homework should not be given out

    Homework turns kids into know it all freaks well smart alc so thus meaning don't do this to your kids nut i do know that you for parents want your kids when they grow up to become wealthy good reliable parents and supplying for there family. But. . . . . . . Thus meaning they don't have to turn into what they should never turn into thus meaning don't do this to em, OK? OH! And sorry i just love saying thus a lot

  • Homework discourages me to study.

    After tiring school hours, I don't feel to do home works, I like to
    relax and play. Daily home works are boring. Reading is better than home works. By the time I complete homework, All my friends would have gone home. I feel very bad when I am not able to play because of home works.

  • Homework discourages me to study.

    After the tiring school hours I would like to relax and play but homework doesn't allow us to play in full swing. Reading is good but Homework demotivate kids to learn instead of improvement. By the time I complete home work, My friends would have gone home. I really feel bad when I am not allowed to play because of this reason.

  • No it must not be given

    I think that homework should not be given in school. Yes homework sometimes benefits students but it also prevents them from having free time. For example if a student was given about 4 different sets of homework from separate classes that were due the next day,student is expected to submit the homework for each class the next day and if he/she doesn't they are punished. To avoid being punished, the student would have to spend countless hours doing each set of homework and therefore this limits their free time to enjoy life. This can also prevent them from getting 8 hours of sleep because they struggle to do the homework and when you don't get enough sleep,you can't function 100% the next day. I'm not saying that all homework is bad I'm just saying that homework can prevent a student from enjoying their free time.

    Students have to go to school 6-8 hours a day, 5 times a week and then they still have to do homework when they get home. I don't think this is fair honestly. So in total students not only spend time at school doing work but then they have to go home and do more work and they may even have to do chores. So basically the students spend more time doing work than interacting and enjoying themselves. The weekend isn't even a time to relax anymore because on the weekends homework doubles(most of the time)

    In closing I would like to say once again that homework is not necessarily a bad thing but it cuts down a student's free time and may overwhelm the student. It can cause sleep loss,mental exhaustion and even stress. This is my opinion and I believe in freedom of speech so please don't hate because I'm stating my opinion. Thanks for reading.

  • Homework should never be given

    Students already have 6-8 hours of school and children need time to rest and spend time with their family. It is also to overwhelming for students to finish homework every night. If they don't finish the homework in time, it causes to cheat or copy off of some else's homework which doesn't benefit them at all.

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